UFC 131 Prefight Video: Kenny Florian, The UFC’s Travelin’ Man

Kenny Florian has quietly done something that no other UFC fighter has ever done… fight in for weight classes in the Octagon while remaining competitive against the highest levels of each division.

He began his UFC career as a middleweight on the inaugural season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” making it all the way to the finals, losing to Diego Sanchez. He won back-to-back bouts at welterweight before dropping down to the 155-pound division.

Florian has made his home primarily at lightweight, but having fought for the 155-pound belt twice and lost both attempts and then losing a number one contender’s bout to Gray Maynard, he needed another change. Hence, his current position, readying to make his featherweight debut against one of the top fighters in the class, Diego Nunes, at UFC 131 on Saturday night.

Florian credits most of his success to his parents, who taught him the ways of hard work and perseverance to get what he wants out of life. He plans to apply those principles against Nunes and fight his way into a title shot against UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo.