UFC 128 Play-by-Play: Jim Miller vs. Kamal Shalorus

Jim Miller Kamal Shalorus UFC 128Round 1: Miller and Shalorus both throw bombs as the fight starts. Both are throwing lots of strikes, but not much is landing. Miller looks for a flying knee and gets caught and taken down, but only for a second as Shalorus lets him back up. Shalorus powers forward, but Miller counters nicely and backs him up. Miller fires a head kick that glances Shalorus. Miller looks for a guillotine and pulls guard, but Shalorus’ head slips out as the land on the mat. Shalorus working from the top inside Miller’s guard. Lack of action leads to a stand up from the referee.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 Jim Miller

Jim Miller Kamal Shalorus UFC 128

Jim Miller attacks Kamal Shalorus at UFC 128

Round 2: Much the same to start round 2, both fighters are determined to swing with huge force on every punch. Shalorus grabs a single leg and Miller looks for a jumping triangle choke it appears, but slips and falls to the mat. Shalorus lets him up and it’s a mistake as Miller takes him down, takes his back and locks in a body triangle. Miller looking to end the fight, but Shalorus continues to play defense. Miller gets a forearm across Shalorus’ chin and looks to submit from there, but Shalorus is able to withstand. Again, Miller comes close to locking in the choke, but Shalorus fights him off.
MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 Jim Miller

Jim Miller Kamal Shalorus UFC 128

Jim Miller and Kamal Shalorus at UFC 128

Round 3: Miller still coming out strong, up two rounds to none at this point. In the clinch, Miller nails Shalorus in the body, but a second clinch has Miller landing a shot below the belt. The fight is paused for a moment but Shalorus is okay to continue. Miller cracks Shalorus with a huge uppercut and then follows that up with a devastating knee. Shalorus crumbles to the mat and Miller follows up for a few more strikes before the stoppage.

Jim Miller def. Kamal Shalorus by TKO (knee and strikes) at 2:15, R3

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