UFC 127: Brian Ebersole Successful In UFC Debut With Decision Over Chris Lytle

February 26, 2011

Chris Lytle and Brian Ebersole at the UFC 127 weigh-ins

Chris Lytle and Brian Ebersole at the UFC 127 weigh-ins

Brian Ebersole made a successful Octagon debut and scored a unanimous decision win over Chris Lytle in their UFC 127 fight.

Though he used some unorthodox techniques, Ebersole was able to outlast his opponent and looked very impressive in his first fight for the UFC.

The fight opened up with Ebersole attempting a cartwheel kick that does little for damage on Lytle. A short while later, Ebersole shot in for a takedown and Lytle attempted a guillotine choke, but the two scrambled on the ground up until Lytle worked from half guard. After a transition and second guillotine attempt by Lytle, the two returned to the feet where they cliched against the fence. The fight returned to the ground where Ebersole landed some shots and opened up Lytle’s cheek just under his left eye. The round ended with Ebersole walking away prematurely. Perhaps he thought the round was over earlier than it really was.

The second round started with Ebersole continuing his unorthodox approach, pushing Lytle away with an awkward kneeling thrust. Later, A spinning back kick by Ebersole landed on his opponent’s midsection. It looked as though Lytle was attempting to load up and land a power punch, but it didn’t find its range halfway through the fight. During a heated flurry, Ebersole hit Lytle with a clean knee that looked like it rocked his opponent and the two went to the ground. After getting back to the feet, Ebersole was able to get a huge takedown and land in Lytle’s guard. The round ended with Ebersole hitting Lytle with shoulder strikes to the delight of the Australian crowd.

The third round had Ebersole attempting another cartwheel kick, but it didn’t find its target. Lytle looked to turn it up a notch and threw power punches looking to make an impact. He worked to get another guillotine choke after Ebersole took him down, but Lytle was unable to finish him. Ebersole showed some definite heart and got out of the hold. Lytle looked a bit winded with two minutes left to go in the fight with his opponent pressing him up against the fence. At this point, the referee called time so Ebersole could put his mouthpiece back in. When the fight continued, Ebersole was able to get his opponent down and work from guard, landing shots from that position. Lytle was bloodied up by the time the round ended and the call went to the scorecards.

The judges scored the fight unanimously for Brian Ebersole (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

After the win, Ebersole talked about bringing a lot of emotion into the fight and gave respect to his opponent by recognizing his toughness.

“He’s not a guy that loses his awareness,” he said about Lytle. “He’s a very tough guy and he was right there with me.”

Both of these fighters are heavily experienced veterans of mixed martial arts. The win is Ebersole’s 47th career victory, while Lytle collected his 18th loss as a professional.