UFC 125 Draws Comparable Gate and Attendance To Last New Year’s Event

UFC 125 PosterThe Nevada State Athletic Commission on Thursday released the official tally for the gate revenue and ticket sales for UFC 125, the promotion’s New Year’s Day event.

Featuring UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar drawing with challenger Gray Maynard in the main event at the Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, UFC 125 pulled in a total gate of $2,174,780.

UFC 125 total attendance officially sits at 12,874, according to the NSAC numbers. That number is based on ticket sales of 6,978 with 5,896 comps. That is 1,077 tickets shy of a sellout.

UFC 108, the promotion’s first event of 2010 on Jan. 2, pulled in comparable numbers. The gate was$1,969,670 with a total attendance of 13,529. UFC 108 saw 5,314 tickets issued complimentary and 599 unsold.