UFC 124: Stefan Struve Motivated By The Talk, TKOs Sean Mccorkle

December 12, 2010

Stefan Struve finishing Sean McCorkle at UFC 124

Stefan Struve made sure Sean Mccorkle stopped talking in their UFC 124 fight. The Dutch heavyweight scored the first round TKO in Montreal.

There was a lot of talk from Mccorkle leading into this fight. So many things were said, but it appeared it did nothing but motivate the 22-year-old Struve to finish the fight in dominant fashion.

After eating a strong right hand from Struve, Mccorkle was able to put his hands on his opponent and secure the strong takedown. From there, he worked his way into Struve’s guard and peppered the young mixed martial artist with shots, scoring points in his favor.

Later, a failed kimura attempt by Mccorkle seemed to exhaust him, and his gas tank looked as though it was used up early in the fight. The exhaustion continued to take it’s toll on Mccorkle as Struve worked from his back and nearly sunk in two submissions — an armbar then a kimura.

With his opponent out of energy and sitting in his guard, Stefan Struve pulled a textbook sweep from the back, rolling into full mount. From that position, Struve rained down punches and all Mccorkle could do was cover up and try to minimize the damage. There was too much to defend, though, as the referee stepped in at 3:55 of the first round and put an end to the contest.

After the fight, Struve talked with Joe Rogan about the trash talk and if it motivated him in his win.

“Yeah, of course,” he said. “He can dress up all he wants.”

Although he shut the mouth that talked more trash leading into the fight, Struve still showed the respect of a humble athlete when he spoke of Mccorkle and said, “he’s a classy guy, man. Give it up for Sean!”

With the win, Struve improves to 21-4 (5-2 UFC). The UFC 124 loss marks the first in Sean Mccorke’s 11-fight career.