UFC 124 Live Play-by-Play: Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck

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Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck

Round 1:  No touch of the gloves by Josh Koscheck. St-Pierre with a jab. As soon as Koscheck moves forward, St-Pierre takes him down. Koscheck works back to his feet against the fence. St-Pierre lands a two punch combination. St-Pierre goes for a takedown and Koscheck stuffs it. Koscheck misses with a big right hand. St-Pierre lands a solid right hand and shoots for a takedown. Koscheck stuffs it. Swelling under Kosheck’s right eye. Big right hand by St-Pierre. Koscheck with a jab. Stiff jabs by St-Pierre. Koscheck goes for a takedown. St-Pierre does a good job of fending it off, but Koscheck presses on and gets the takedown with 15 seconds on the clock. And that’s how the round ends. MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for St-Pierre.

Round 2:  Koscheck staying on the outside more in the second round. St-Pierre with a superman punch. Koscheck winging his right hand but coming up with nothing but air. St-Pierre continues to land his jab to the already swollen right eye of Koscheck. Superman punch again by the champion. Right hand by St-Pierre, and another. St-Pierre picking Koscheck apart on the feet. Koscheck lands an uppercut. Koscheck starting to show different punches other than his overhand right. St-Pierre changes stances and lands a jab. The round ends. MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for St-Pierre.

Round 3:  Koscheck’s corner tells him to let his hands go in his corner. St-Pierre’s corner tells him to watch out for the uppercut. St-Pierre lands a right hand to start the round. St-Pierre goes for a takedown, but Koscheck defends. They clinch along the cage. St-Pierre working hard for a takedown but Koscheck is having none of it. They separate at the half way mark in the fight.

Koscheck moves in with a combination and St-Pierre ties him up in the clinch. They separate and take the center of the Octagon. Koscheck is looking frustrated. St-Pierre with more leg kicks and jabs to end the round. MMAWeekly.com scores the third round 10-9 for St-Pierre.

Round 4:  A doctor checks Koscheck’s eye between rounds. Koscheck definitely wants to continue and we start round 4. St-Pierre picks up the pace and gets a takedown, but Koscheck immediately back to his feet. Koscheck goes for a leg. St-Pierre defends and gets back to his feet and momentarily had Koscheck’s back. The champion presses the challenger against the cage and referee Herb Dean separates them.

St-Pierre dictating everything thus far, putting on a boxing clinic. A left hook by St-Pierre followed by an inside leg kick. St-Pierre begins to open it up with his strikes, landing at will. The round ends and St-Pierre is pitching a shut out against the American Kickboxing Academy trained fighter.

Round 5:  Koscheck corner urges him to leave it all in the cage heading into the final round. Koscheck looks for a takedown but St-Pierre moves away. Left hook landed by the titleholder. Koscheck misses with a loaded right hand and eats a right hand for his efforts. St-Pierre goes for a takedown with two minutes remaining, but Koscheck remains on his feet.

St-Pierre eventually gets the takedown and Koscheck bounces back to his feet. St-Pierre slams him to the canvas, but the challenger works back to the standing position. They separate with 30 seconds on the clock. Koscheck needs a miracle, and doesn’t get it. Koscheck hugs the champion following the

Georges St-Pierre def. Josh Koscheck by unanimous decision (50-45 on all scorecards).

UFC 124: St-Pierre vs. Koscheck 2 Live Results Home Page