UFC 123 Live Play-By-Play: Paul Kelly vs. T.J. O’Brien

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UFC 123 Live Results Paul Kelly vs TJ O'Brien

Paul Kelly vs. T.J. O’Brien

Round 1: Kelly super aggressive early, but backs off after a quick flurry and then rushes in again. O’Brien throws a kick that Kelly catches, tosses him to the mat and then lets him back up again. Kelly pushes again and is clearly the stronger fighter, but O’Brien is able to get away. Kelly is swinging wildly with big overhand punches, but nothing connects with power. The referee separates the fighters after a stall against the cage. O’Brien goes for a sort of flying knee and gets caught and taken down. Another quick exchange on the feet before the round ends

MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 Paul Kelly

Round 2: Kelly clips O’Brien with a big one-two combo and drops him. Kelly goes for punches on the ground, but O’Brien survives and Kelly lets him back up. O’Brien gets a nice throw and lands in mount and takes Kelly’s back. Kelly stands up and O’Brien can’t maintain control and falls off. Kelly gets the crucifix and just hammers away at O’Brien with punches and elbows. O’Brien is surviving, but just getting punished and the fight is mercifully stopped.

Paul Kelly def. T.J. O’Brien by TKO (referee’s stoppage due to strikes) at 3:16, R2


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