UFC 123 Chopping Block: Who Stays, Who Goes?

The road to and through the UFC can be rough. Like any other professional sport, there are numerous shades of gray that determine a fighter’s standing in the world’s most prominent mixed martial arts promotion.

Following UFC 123, as with any UFC event, the questions started flying about who would remain with the promotion and who would land on the chopping block. Primary among the speculation were Tyson Griffin, Karo Parisyan, and newcomer Maiquel Falcao.

Griffin will not get the axe.

“He royally got screwed,” said White, referring to a split decision lost that most felt should have been a win for Griffin. “No. No, he won’t be cut. He got screwed.”

Neither will Falcao. The Chute Boxe fighter showed flashes of amazing talent in his unanimous decision win over Gerald Harris, but played it safe in the final two rounds, irking fans and his new boss.

“I’ll take a guy who loses a dogfight any day of the week over a guy who stares at a somebody for five (expletive) minutes,” said White, before adding, “I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because this is his first UFC fight.”

Parisyan is another story altogether. He has put on some great performances over the years, but he’s also had his share of troubles, being suspended for a drug test failure, and dropping out of a fight at the last minute.

White gave Parisyan another chance, but saw enough on Saturday night to feel Parisyan no longer belongs in the Octagon.

“Karo Parisyan’s gonna have to pull himself together and get his life together,” said White. “I won’t put a guy in here if he can’t compete at this level. Karo came in (Saturday night) and proved that he can’t compete at this level any more.”