UFC 120: Patrick Wins, Browne and Kongo Draw

October 16, 2010

The heavyweight bout between Cheick Kongo and Travis Browne not only did not get a finish, it didn’t even get a winner. A point deduction in the third round cost Cheick Kongo for grabbing Browne’s shorts, and it also cost him a win as the final scorecards read 28-28 across the board as the fight ended in a draw.

Browne started the fight aggressive, head hunting Kongo with big, wild punches. While maybe not the most technically proficient attack, it worked for the American as he planted some solid shots on Kongo throughout the first five minutes.

Kongo battled back in rounds 2 and 3 with his signature clinch work against the cage, digging knees deep into Browne’s thigh and controlling the position. One way he kept that control was by grabbing Browne’s shorts over and over again. Referee Marc Goddard issued a warning, but after continued offenses he paused the fight in the third round and deducted a point from Kongo’s score.

The point ended up being the difference in the fight as the judges gave Kongo rounds 2 and 3, but because of the deduction the final scores read 28-28 with the heavyweights ending in a draw.

Claude Patrick gave James Wilks a rude homecoming to England as the Canadian dominated the former “Ultimate Fighter” winner with takedowns and ground control to get a unanimous decision win.

The fight went downhill quickly for Wilks as soon as Patrick picked up his first takedown to start the action in the first round. The former IFL fighter moved fluidly inside of Wilks’ guard, passing to mount and eventually opening up a nasty cut under the Brit’s eye. Wilks continued to work and tried for a couple omo platas, but Patrick’s defense was too good, slipping out each time.

Patrick punished Wilks with elbows and punches on the ground to simply overpower his opponent at every turn. In the end, Patrick moves to 2-0 in the UFC, while Wilks drops to 1-2 since winning his season of the reality show.