UFC 120: Carlos Condit KO’s Dan Hardy

October 16, 2010

Carlos Condit and Dan Hardy at UFC 120

Carlos Condit and Dan Hardy at UFC 120

Carlos Condit asked for a fight against Dan Hardy. Carlos Condit also said he could stand up with Dan Hardy. He proved it on Saturday night in England as the “Natural Born Killer” knocked out Hardy with a vicious left hook that ended the Brit’s night in emphatic fashion.

Leading into the fight, Dan Hardy’s trash talk seem to hit a new level, but it also served as a great amount of motivation for Carlos Condit, who fed off that energy as he headed into UFC 120.

A former kickboxer, Condit has shown knockout power in a great many of his past fights, but whether he underestimated him or just thought he’d get the big punch first, Dan Hardy stepped in with a bit of reckless abandon and paid for it.

A few exchanges early resulted in some leg kicks and some combinations from both fighters, but no major damage.

That changed when Condit and Hardy decided to put technique away for a moment and both threw a series of punches with bad intentions behind them. As Hardy looked to land one of his famous left hooks, it was Condit’s own left hand that cracked the British fighter’s jaw, sending him crashing to the mat.

Carlos Condit at UFC 120

Carlos Condit victorious at UFC 120

Condit followed up with one more good shot to put the finishing touches on the night, as Hardy was laid out unconscious on the mat.

“I feel comfortable on my feet, if it would have gone to the ground I would have probably done well there too, but I finished it on the feet this time, so there you have it,” Condit answered when asked about his strategy for the fight.

With the fight over and the trash talk behind them, Condit paid Hardy a compliment following the win, his third in the UFC since moving over from the WEC in 2009.

“Dan Hardy’s a great competitor, hats off to him, much respect,” Condit shouted after his win.

Hardy didn’t have much to say following the knockout loss, but promised to return with better results for his home crowd.

“I got punched in the face,” Hardy said when UFC commentator Joe Rogan asked what went wrong in the fight. “Sorry guys. Next time.”

The win will likely vault Condit back into the welterweight rankings and it also promises the New Mexico native a big fight when he returns to action.