UFC 108 Results And Play-By-Play

The Ultimate Fighting Championship kicks off the New Year without hesitation on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. A card cursed with casualties and more than a few false starts, former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans and Thiago Silva headline UFC 108 in a bout that will help shape the title picture in the 205-pound division.

MMAWeekly.com will have live UFC 108 results and play-by-play of the full fight card. The preliminary bouts are scheduled to begin at approximately 4:30 p.m. PT / 7:30 p.m. ET. The main card is scheduled for 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET and is also available on pay-per-view. At least two preliminary bouts will air live on Spike TV at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET.

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Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva

R1- Yves Lavigne calls the action. Evans charges in with a few punches and ties the action up at the cage. Silva works to trip but can’t get leverage. Silva peels off and works for a plumb, prompting Evans to dump up. Silva’s up in a second, but Evans scoops him up and dumps him harder. In side guard, Evans easily passes to mount and Silva escapes in transition, returning up with a couple of knees. Silva looking for space but Evans offers none. Evans with a few punches as the two break off. The two trade punches. Evans eats a jumping knee as he charges in and gets a takedown. The two scrambles for position, and again, it’s Evans pressuring. This time tought Evans breaks off and the two are on their feet. Silva with inside leg kick. Evans nearly catches an uppercut. Evans comes in with a cross but eats a counter hook. The former champ charges in again and clinches at the cage. Evans breaks off with an uppercut. He swarms back in with a couple of nice body shots and dumps Silva again. He can’t keep the Brazilian down and the two end the round sparring on the feet.

R2- Evans punches in again and ties up at the cage. Silva knees his legs but can’t break off long enough to unload with his hands. Silva locks the plump but Evans breaks off. Silva eats a kick on his way in and takes it down. Silva seems to have little takedown defense, relying on escapes over sprawls. He pops up, and again, Evans closes and dumps him. Predictable pattern emerging. Silva waves him in. Evans throws a right hand and drives in, but can’t complete a double leg. Silva lands a right hand, but Evans is using distance to his advantage. Evans barrels in and does what he does. Silva sits at the cage’s edge. Audience boos. Silva rights himself and lands a knee at the bell.

R3- Silva hints at a striking attack, but ends up in the same position, fighting off a trip to the mat. Evans catches him with a left hook as he breaks off the clinch. Silva lands a jab. Silva plants on a right hand and goes down, but is so slippery, Evans can hardly keep him there. Silva cutting off the cage looking for a right uppercut. He waves Evans in again. He’s growing increasingly agitated that he can’t have a slugfest. He begs the audience. Evans catches him with a right hand, and he offers his chin. Now, he’s baiting Evans with his chin up and his hands down, bobbing and weaving . He throws a one-two that floors Evans, and suddenly he’s got legs. Evans is cornered against the cage and fighting for his life. Evans checks the clock. Silva lands a right uppercut, it seems a matter of time. He’s waving frenetically, swinging for the fences in between. He backs off and stands with his hands at his side. Audience is on its feet. Action stalls. Silva kicks as Evans shoots in for a takedown, prompting a stream of boos from the fans. Evans ducks under but doesn’t have the strength to complete the takedown. Just as Silva wrenches the former champ off him, the round ends. All judges give Evans the fight at 29-28.


Paul Daley vs. Dustin Hazelett

R1- Herb Dean calls the action. Dustin backs up, then does a somersault forward, spanning the length of the cage. Daley isn’t even touching that. Hazelett fakes with front kick then wings a high kick. Daley repays him with a leg kick. They trade body kicks. Hazelett defends a couple of hard punches. He’s moving like molasses, but there seems to be design in his attack. He lands a front kick. And another that sends Daley backward. Daley swarms in and counters a straight right from with a crushing left hook that knocks Hazelett out cold. Scratch design. The Brit stands overhead and delivers another left hand that further removes the Kentuckian from consciousness. The official time is 2:24.


Joe Lauzon vs. Sam Stout

R1- Steve Mazagatti calls the fight. Joe Lauzon shoots on the first exchange and it’s mat time for the two. Lauzon working to pass from half guard, postures up in the meantime and fires down a few elbows, but Stout wants up, and Lauzon is forced to follow him to the cage. Lauzon grabs a quick kimura and rolls Stout over, but Stout expertly avoid the hold and returns to his feet to the audience’s delight. Stout’s forehead is bleeding. Lauzon shoots again and drags Stout down by a leg. Stout’s up quick, though, and this time, Lauzon pulls guard. Stout makes him pay with elbows and punches. Lauzon works for a sweep and Stout stands out of it. Lauzon catches a left hand that forces him to shoot, and on the way up, he catches another punches. Lauzon’s head is down and he’s eating uppercut’s as he closes the distance. Stout digs a body shot: he’s getting his rhythm together in a big way. Combination followed by spinning backfist for Stout, Lauzon throws a shot to end the round.

R2- Stout throws Lauzon off when the inevitable shot attempt comes. Lauzon covering as Stout throws a combo ending with a body shot. Lauzon takes a heavy kick as he scrambles in and somehow manages to wrench the action down. Stout scoots to the cage’s edge as Lauzon clings on. He can’t keep the Canadian down. Stout works the body and leg of Lauzon. Stout gets a body kick but doesn’t get taken down this time. Lauzon with a right hand. Stout returns with a body head combo. Stout pulling out all his weapons for the stand-up attack, mixing punches, body shots, leg kicks, and elbows. The body shots, though, are clearly taking their toll on Lauzon. “J-Lau” pulls guard again, but Stout stands up after a brief respite. Stout with a body kick. Stout stuffs another shot and winds up in Lauzon’s guard. Lauzon hoists his legs up but can’t angle for a submission. Round ends with Stout in Lauzon’s guard.

R3- After a touch of gloves Lauzon goes for dirty boxing and lands a few short shots before Stout breaks off and lands another right hand. Stout’s punching power is overwhelming Lauzon. Out of the blue, Stout almost eats a right high kick. But he keeps going, putting on a Muay Thai clinic for the floundering Lauzon, who’s reduced to diving for takedowns. Digging body shot lands for Stout. Even when Lauzon ducks under the shots, Stout shrugs him off. It’s batting practice for the Canadian. Stout gets a little too liberal with his kicks and winds up on his back. Lauzon passes to half guard and as Stout attempts to escape, Lauzon grabs a guillotine. It’s a tense few seconds, but Stout escapes and gets big love from the audience. On the feet, fight isn’t really competitive anymore. A big uppercut rocks Lauzon, but he keeps going. Stout charges forward with a frenetic flurry but can’t seal the deal as the fight ends.

All three judges give Stout the fight by 30-26, 30-27, 30-27 scores.


Duane Ludwig vs. Jim Miller

R1- Southpaw Miller jabs his way in and eats a straight right. Undeterred, Miller comes in again and lands an inside leg kick. Ludwig nearly catches a high kick as Miller advances with punches. Ludwig fires his own high kick, but gets nothing. Miller with a shot to the body. Miller with a nice counter right hook. Ludwig catches a right hook in a stutter-step transition and ends up on his butt. Miller rushes in and Ludwig rushes to defend on the ground. Miller, however, is all over him in a flash, mounting and transitioning to an armbar as Ludwig tries to escape. Ludwig fights the hold briefly, but succumbs as Miller rolls him over. The official time is 2:31.


Gilbert Yvel vs. Junior Dos Santos

R1- Herb Dean calls the debut of “The Hurricane.” Dos Santos enters to the Rocky theme. Yvel leads with left hook. Yvel misses with a punch and catches a couple of hooks. Yvel with spinning back kick. Yvel with a left hook as Dos Santos advances. Dos Santos returns with an overhand right. Dos Santos pursues and lands another couple of punches before retreating. Yvel counters leg kick with a lunging punch. Dos Santos with a body jab. Dos Santos smiles at an Yvel lead high kick. Dos Santos drops Yvel with a left hook and pours on the punches as Yvel turtles and takes more punches as he rolls to his knees. After several punches, Herb Dean steps in to call the bout. 2:07 is the official time.


Martin Kampmann vs. Jacob Volkmann

R1- Yves Lavigne calls the action. Southpaw Volkmann gallops in slung low, jabbing away. Kampmann returns with a jab that backs him off briefly. Vokkmann comes forward again and eats another straight right. The two trade with Kampmann landing another short right hand before breaking off. Volkmann lands a Hail Mary right hand but Kampmann drops him with a counter as he storms in with punches. After regaining his wits, Volkmann storms back in and lands a left hand. Kampmann disengages and puts together a one-two combo. Volkmann lands another right hand in a charge, but again, walks straight into a right hand that drops him. Kampmann follows into guard, postures up with an elbow. Kampmann stands overhead and fires down a right hand before diving into half-guard. Martin stand over head again and shurgs off a leglock attempt before landing several right hands that daze Volkmann. As Volkmann rights himself and pitches upwards, Kampmann sinks in a power guillotine that gets a quick tapout. The official time is 4:03.


Dan Lauzon vs. Jim Miller

R1- Steve Mazagatti calls the fight. Southpaw Lauzon Leads with a straight left hand, and the two trade punches. Miller pursues with a clinch and a series of kicks. Lauzon catches Miller with a left hook that flashes Miller. Lauzon follows him to the canvas but can’t seal the deal. Miller rights himself, but he’s on wobbly legs as Lauzon tries to connect with that final punch. Miller locks up a plumb and fires away with knees, with Lauzon working the body. Miller, with a lazy leg kick, almost gets his head taken off but comes back with more punches. A big hook misses for Miller and Lauzon ducks under and takes his back. The two scramble for position and Miller grabs Lauzon’s left arm for a kimura, cinching an inverted triangle at the same time that forces a tapout from “The Upgrade.” 3:05 is the official time.


Mark Munoz vs. Ryan Jensen

R1- Mario Yamasaki calls the action. Munoz punches in but nothing doing. Jensen retorts with a high kick, same. Jensen scores with two leg kicks an d punch. Jense leaps forward with a knee and grabs a guillotine as Munoz takes him down. Munoz passes and Jensen scrambles to his back, working to control Munoz’s hand and stand up. As Jensen does, he fires off a series of punches that bring Munoz to the cage, where they tie up briefly. Munoz takes the fight down and postures up with hammerfists. He stands over and dives down with a right hand. More right hands follow as Jensen turns to his stomach and goes into survival mode. Jensen signals a tap, but Yamasaki doesn’t see it and Munoz continues to pound away. Finally, Yamasaki gets the message after Jensen flops to both sides and flattens out again. Official time is 2:30. Bruce Buffer calls it a tapout due to strikes.


Jake Ellenberger vs. Mike Pyle

R1- Yves Lavigne calls the action. Ellenberger brushes Pyle with a nic right hand, then bulrushes in with punches before taking the action down. Pyle works butterfly guard and trips Ellenberger’s left arm, looking for a sweep, no dice. Pyle traps the other arm and postures up. Ellenberger does not take the bait. Ellenberger with a right elbow over the top. Other than that, though, not much doing. Pyle with a crafty little upkick. This is mostly a posture battle. Ellenberger starts to work his right elbow as Pyle angles for an armbar. Ellenberger pulls out of it and stands overhead briefly before Lavigne stands them up. Again, the Nebraskan charges in with punches, ignoring a plumb, and the two hurtle downward. Pyle snakes a kimura with Ellenberger’s right arm and cranks away. He’s got it for a second before Ellenberger protects it and takes half guard. Ellenberger postures up and delivers several hard right hands as Pyle rolls to his back. Pyle looks to be complaining about his midsection as he gets back to his feet, but shakes it off when examined in his chair.

R2- This time, Pyle dives for a takedown, but Ellenberger shakes it off and delivers a right hand that floors Pyle. In a flash, Ellenberger follows Pyle to the mat, pounding away until Lavigne steps in to rescue Pyle. 22 seconds is the official TKO time for Ellenberger.


Rafaello Oliveira vs. John Gunderson

R1 – Action underway with Herb Dean calling action. Oliveira leads with leg kick. Oliveira connects with glancing left hook. Oliveira with another leg kick. The two are trading but not much is landing. Oliveira shoots in for a takedown and gets caught right away in a guillotine. He attempts to stand out of it and wrestles himself free after slamming back to the mat. He scrambles quickly into side mount and full mount, briefly trapping Gunderson’s arm before taking his back and pounding away with punches. Gunderson attempts to escape out the back door and winds up defending an arm triangle. It’s deep, but he manages to get back to this stomach, briefly escaping to side mount before being mounted again. Oliviera is all over him: Gunderson is floundering between back control and mount. Then, “Guns” manages to right himself by walking up off his stomach. Oliveira takes him down and shrugs off a guillotine attempt. The two are back on their feet and wrestling for close control as round ends.

R2- A little less sting on both men’s punches with all the grappling. Gunderson looking for left hook but gets caught planting and winds up on his back again, this time working for a kimura from the bottom. He works his way up again, but isn’t there for a second before he’s fending off the clinch. Against the cage, he’s on a knee as Oliveira presses him back down. It isn’t long before Oliveira has mount again and Guns is forced to roll to his stomach. There, Oliveira finally snakes his arm around John’s neck, but can’t finish before Gunderson scrambles to his back. He’s there for a moment before giving up his back again. This time, Oliveira grabs his right arm and works for a kimura. Gunderson waits patiently before pulling out of the hold and standing over with a few kicks to end the frame.

R3- Gunderson comes forward this round after getting a tongue lashing from coach Sean Thompkins, and briefly shrugs off Oliveira’s advances before finding himself defending the rear naked choke again. He stands briefly to buck Oliveira off, but can’t get the Brazilian off him for any length of time. Both men are tiring. The order of the day for Gunderson is to guillotine when Oliveira scoops him up, but it’s a futile pursuit—he just ends up ceding position. After threatening with another kimura, Guns fends off an arm triangle set-up and is mounted again. Total ground domination from Oliveira. Gunderson can’t escape….after he nearly gets choked out, Oliveira makes a quick transition to an armbar and fights for dear life to get it. He triangles the limb, but can’t get Gunderson to give it up before the bell sounds.

All judges give Rafael Oliveira the fight with 30-27 scores.



Main Bouts (On Pay-Per-View):
-Rashad Evans def. Thiago Silva by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28), R3
-Paul Daley def. Dustin Hazelett by TKO (Strikes) at 2:24, R1
-Sam Stout def. Joe Lauzon by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27), R3
-Jim Miller def. Duane Ludwig by Submission (Armbar) at 2:31, R1
-Junior Dos Santos def. Gilbert Yvel by TKO (Strikes) at 2:07, R1

Preliminary Bouts (On Spike TV):
-Martin Kampmann def. Jacob Volkmann by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 4:03, R1
-Cole Miller def. Dan Lauzon by Submission (Kimura/Inverted Triangle) at 3:05, R1

Preliminary Bouts (Non-Televised):
-Mark Munoz def. Ryan Jensen by Submission (Strikes) at 2:30, R1
– Jake Ellenberger def. Mike Pyle by TKO (Strikes) at :22, R2
-Rafaello Oliveira def. John Gunderson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)