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Saturday night in Las Vegas, the Ultimate Fighting Championship puts on its biggest, most heavily promoted fight card ever, UFC 100, a milestone in the company’s history.

The main event features the UFC heavyweight title unification bout between current champ Brock Lesnar and interim titleholder Frank Mir. The UFC welterweight title is also on the line with Georges St. Pierre defending against Thiago Alves. And in a third featured bout, Ultimate Fighter coaches Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping square off in a de facto number one contender bout to challenge UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

UFC 100 airs live on pay-per-view at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT on Saturday night. MMAWeekly.com is in Las Vegas to bring you live coverage of the entire fight card. The first preliminary bout is scheduled to begin at approximately 7:30 p.m. ET / 4:30 p.m. PT.

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Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago

R1- Fitch goes after Thiago early with strikes, but eventually lands a nice takedown, but gets caught in a guillotine choke. Thiago tries to cinch up the hold as Fitch battles to get out of the bad position. Fitch makes the adjustment, but Thiago grabs a hold of a a D’arce choke, but does not have his legs in the right place, and cannot get the choke. Fitch battles out again, and tries to get a kimura to end round one, but the horn sounds.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for Paulo Thiago

R2- Fitch comes out stronger in round 2 as he gets the clinch and tosses Thiago to the ground, starting to work his ground attack. Thiago tries to get back to his feet, and looks to grab one of Fitch’s legs for a submission, but Fitch moves and ends up with another strong takedown, as he looks to take Thiago’s back. Fitch gets his hooks in, but is unable to finish from Thiago’s back.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 2 10-9 for Jon Fitch

R3- Fitch hits another big takedown to start the third, landing shots to the body, and pressing Thiago against the cage. Fitch takes the back of Paulo Thiago standing up, and the Brazilian jumps backwards trying to loosen him up, but can’t shake him off. Heading back to the ground, Thiago tries for an anaconda choke, but Fitch again maintains position, takes his back again and starts throwing punches. Fitch gets a full body lock and tries for a rear naked choke, but Thiago survives and the fight ends.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 3 10-9 for Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch def. Paulo Thiago by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir

R1- Lesnar scores a takedown early and works from the half-guard of Frank Mir. Lesnar suffocates Mir by pressing his chest down, and landing big power punches, while headlocking Mir from the top. Mir looks okay, but he’s eating some big shots to the face and body, unable to swivel his hips and get full guard, or go for submissions. Lesnar simply overpowers Mir for the biggest part of the round, using his weight and strength to keep Mir from anything offensive at all.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for Brock Lesnar

R2- Mir does a good job of striking to open up the round, and it looks like one shot lands clean, rocking Lesnar. As he goes for a jumping knee strike, Mir gets taken down by Lesnar, who works again from his opponent’s half guard. Mir tries to roll away, but as he does Lesnar just starts to unload punch after punch, as Mir goes limp, and referee Herb Dean jumps in to stop the fight.

Brock Lesnar def. Frank Mir by TKO (strikes on the ground) Rd 2

Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves

R1- Alves starts strong with a nice leg kick, but St. Pierre quickly works a takedown and gets the fight to the ground. GSP works his ground game, trying to pass the guard of Alves who defends effectively. GSP actually takes Alves’ back, but the Brazilian does a good job of turning into St. Pierre and getting out of the bad spot. Alves gets back to his feet and the fighters exchange strikes again, but St. Pierre gets another strong takedown as round 1 comes to a close.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for St. Pierre

R2 – St. Pierre puts Alves on his back quickly to start round 2, and immediately slams an elbow into his opponent’s face, spraying blood from Alves’ nose. GSP is consistently moving, making Alves work to keep guard or half guard, while peppering him with punches and elbows. Alves manages to get back to his feet with seconds remaining, but St. Pierre smothers him on the cage, not letting him breathe at all.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 2 10-9 for St. Pierre

R3- Alves does a good job early on of going after GSP standing, and avoiding takedowns, but not landing any big power punches or kicks. St. Pierre does land a good takedown, as he once again works to pass guard, and land shots. Alves gets back to his feet as he starts to go after St. Pierre again, and gets popped with a big shot that puts him on the mat. St. Pierre quickly goes to the ground to flurry with punches and elbows, but Alves survives the round.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 3 10-9 for St. Pierre

R4- St. Pierre immediately lands a big double leg takedown, and moves to mount, while working for a head and arm choke. St. Pierre goes for an armbar, but Alves slips out and ends up on top of GSP, trying to work his ground game. Not much damage done on the ground and St. Pierre gets up again. A few exchanges, and Alves throws a leg kick, and again St. Pierre slams him to the ground. St. Pierre and Alves scramble, and GSP ends up taking his opponent’s back, almost sinking in a rear naked choke, but Alves survives.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 4 10-9 for St. Pierre

R5- A very aggressive start to the round for Alves as he tries to stalk GSP across the Octagon. St. Pierre does a nice fake, and lands a quick takedown. Alves works to get back to his feet, and they start to exchange again. A couple of strikes and St. Pierre is all over Alves again, pushing him against the cage and hitting a double leg to put his opponent on his back for the 8th time in the fight. Back to the feet and then back to the ground again as GSP hits another takedown with just over a minute left. St. Pierre stifles Alves on the ground once again as the fight comes to a close

MMAWeekly scores Rd 5 10-9 for St. Pierre and the fight 50-45 for GSP.

Georges St. Pierre def. Thiago Alves by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-44)

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

We apologize for absence. Internet outage.

R1- Hendo closing distance. Bisping jabbing and circling away. Bisping lands jab. Henderson chasing bisping down and loading up that righ hand. Hendo misses with right hand and Bisping circles out. Hendo throws another right and catches Bisping with a combination that stuns Bisping. Hendo connects with another right hand. Bisping misses with one two. Bisping looks tentative. Bisping lands right hand. Hendo barely misses with overhand right. Bisping lands right hand. Hendo pushing Bisping back, looking for right hand. Bisping lands a right hand as Hendo comes in. Bisping lands another right, but his punches aren’t hurting Dan. Hendo jabs his way in. Bisping misses with uppercut. Bisping throws kick jab combo. Bisping lands one-two combo. Hendo punches in again and they are against the cage. Hendo lands knees from clinch. Hendo controlling Bisping from clinch, landing more knees. Bisping breaks away. Bisping shoots for takedown and misses badly. Hendo lands overhand right at the bell.

RD 2 Bisping with jab. Hendo charges with overhand right. Hendo lands big right hand coming off clinch. Hendo misses with uppercut. Hendo lands stiff jab. Bisping trying to outwork Dan as he comes in, firing off short punches as Hendo comes in. Bisping with solid right hand. Bispind jabbing Hendo as he comes in. Heno chases Bisping more and misses with another big right hand. Hendo with a jab. Hendo with inside leg kick and overhand right that lays Bisping out cold. After several seconds, Bisping is still unconscious. The time is 3:20.

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Alan Belcher

R1- Akiyama and his crew take the floor and bow in unison before making the walk to the Octagon. Southpaw Belcher lead with leg kicks. Belcher with a straight right. Akiyama with left high kick. Akiyama with another left high kick. Belcher comes back with a left kick to the body. Akiyama gets trough with a jab. Belcher presses in with a punch and misses. Akiyama catches an inside kick to the groin and drops to the canvas. Belcher charges in with punch combo, no dice. Akiyama jabbing. Belcher lands a counter right after Akiyama throws combo. Belcher with a leg kick. Belcher attempts head kick. Akiyama with right kick to the body. Akiyama with outside leg kick. Belcher drops Akiyama with a left hand. Akiyama jumps back up and they’re against the cage. Belcher breaks off. Belcher cathes a right hand. Akiyama jabs his way in. Belcher countering with right. Akiyama with an unsuccessful left high kick and right hand that connects. Skiyama lands superman punch. Akiyama with uppercut, Akiyama comes back and nails Belcher with several punches before they clinch against the cage. Akiyama attempts judo throw, no dice. Akiyama catches a kick and takes Belcher down. Belcher tries unsuccessfully for oma plata and round ends with Akiyama overhead punching down.

R2- Internet outage, we apologize for inconvenience.

R3 – Belcher with outside leg kicks. Belcher with jab. Akiyama is wiping his eye like he got poked. Akiyama comes back with right bhand. Belcher goes to the body then nearly gets taken down when Akiyama catches it. Belcher catches left hand. Belcher moving backward, jabbing. Belcher with straight right. Belcher with another outside leg kick. Belcher with straight right. Akiyama with spinning back kick. Belcher pressing forward now. Belcher with more leg kicks. Akiyama lands big counter left had, then a straight right as Belcher kicks. They trade jabs. They’re slugging it out. Belcher pushes off cage and launches superman punch. They trade hard jabs. Belcher with another leg kick. Belcher with more jabs. Belcher again moving back and boxing. Akiyama gets a takedown, but Belcher escapes from half guard again. Belcher lands body kick and eats left hand.

Mark Coleman vs. Stphan Bonnar

R1- Stephan immediately comes forward pawing with jabs. Coleman stays slat, backing up slowly. Cleman comes forward with a job. Stephan gets off one jab. Coelman shoots a double and Bonnar is on his back against the cage. Bonnar locks in oma plata against cage, Coleman is trapped. Bonnar starts attacking Coleman’s legs, locking for a toe hold. Coleman sits on his legs and spins to north south position. Connar spins out to half guard. Connar rights himself against cage and stands up. Bonnar immediately defends a single leg attempt, firest off elbows to side of Coleman’s head. Coleman still driving against the cage and getting nowhere. Bonnar has Coleman’s left arm locked up with his legs and is punching away at the side of Colemen’s head. Bonnar nearly gets to Coleman’s back as round ends.

R2- Bonnar trots out to meet Coleman, jabs away. Bonnar catches Coleman with a left hand. Bonnar with another left hand. Coleman clinches and gets takedown, nearly getting Bonnar’s back before getting on top and landing a left elbow that slices Bonnar open. Coleman from Bonnar’s half guard throwing left hammerfists. Bonnar gets guard back and throws elbows from the bottom. Coleman is on top against the cage and Bonnar locks in another oma plata. Coleman gets guard back and eats a bunch of elbows for his trouble. Bonnar uses cage to work his way up, uses wizard to stop Coleman from putting him on his back. Bonnar switches back to guard and locks in another oma plata. Coleman gets gaurd back as Bonnar nearly locks in an armbar. Bonnar is bleeding badly. Coleman working ground and pound from guard.

RD 3- Bonnar jabs his way in again and Coleman attempts left hook. Coleman lands a uppercut from the clinch. And they break off. Bonnar with a right hook. Coleman shoots from the open with a double leg as Bonnar tries to defend. Coleman drives the two across the ring and gets another takedown. Coleman nearly mounts as Bonnar scrambles and gets half guard back. Coleman working his left hand from half guard. Coleman takes guard and throws a jew punches. Bonnar pushes him off and grabs an ankle as Coleman stands overhead. Coleman plunges back to guard. Bonnar throws his legs up for a triangle but doesn’t have the angle. Coleman works ground and pound. The two scoot to the edge of the cage where Coleman nearly gets Bonnar’s back as the round comes to an end. At the bell, Coleman as a big smile on his face.

All judges score bout 29-28 for Mark Coleman. Coleman screams in joy.

Mac Danzig vs. Jim Miller

R1- Miler lands right hand in exchange as the two throw from the bell. Miller switches lands straight left. Miller shoots lighting fast and gets a double lg takedown, ending up in Danzig’s guard. Miller with a left elbow. Miller passes to half guard, and struggles inside Danzig’s headlock. Miler postures up and lands lefts to the body. Danzig gets guard back and is cut right a huge left elbow. Danzig is bleeding badly. Danzig elbow the top of Miller’s head and pushes him off with his legs to get back to standing. Miller immediately presses him to the cage. and gets a single leg takedown. Miller working short right elbows from the top. Both fighters are now covered in Danzig’s blood. Miller continuing to ground and pound. Danzig works rubber guard as round comes to an end.

R2- Danzig still looks game after the cut is worked on. Miller again with straight left. They trade with no clear advantage and Miller shoots again, driving Danzig to the mat with a solid shot. Miller goes back to work, throwing punches and elbows from guard. Danzig threatens with a kimura. Miller pounding away with lefts from half guard. Blood is now in Danzig’s eye. Danzig trying to tie Miller up, but can’t hold him for long before Miller postures up and throws a punch. Miller scooting Danzig to the center of the cage, throwing hammerfists all the way. Danzig with elbows to the top of Miller’s head. Steve Mazzagatti stands them up. Miler attempts left high kick. Miller wwith inside leg kick. Danzig can’t seem to find his way in with punches. Danzig nearly lands head kick as Miller shoots in, then cinches what looks to be a tight guillotine, rolling Miller over as the round comes to an end.

R3- Miller catches Danzig with a few shots before driving the action down again. Danzig stands up this time and the two clinch against the cage. Miller tries to drive again but is rebuffed. Miler with stiff jab. Miller with inside leg kick. Pace of action slows as the two regroup. Danzig gets caught with right hook. Miller with overhand right. Danzig with straight right, then a jumping knee as Miller shoots in and gets another takedown. Danzig with more elbows to Miller’s dome. Working rubber guard until Miller slides out, assisted by blood and sweat. Danzig works kimura and Miller moves to Danzig’s back, Danzig trying to control Miller’s arms. Danzig throws punches backward in frustration . Danzig nearly gets choked out before reversing Miller and working furious ground and pound from Miller’s half guard. Round ends with Danzig on top trying to finish. All three judges score bout 30-27 for Miller.

– Jon Jones vs. Jake O’Brien

R1 – Prior to action, Jones cartwheels into the cage after a long pause at the cage door. Yves Lavigne calls the action. Jake immediately closes distance. Jones hope up for a knee, O’Brien shrugs it off. O’Brien comes in with big right hook and gets stuffed when he transitions to a takedown. Jones working jab. O’Brien with another one two. O’Brien chases with another big right hand. Jones throws a spinning back kick. O’Brien closes distance again and is caught in Jones’ Muay Thai Plumb. Jones closes against cage, sprawls when O’Brien shoots. Jones with inside leg kicks. Jones with left high kick. O’Brien counters with one-two. Jones returns with a jab. O’Brien focusing on boxing centered attack. Jones circling left and working jab. O’Brien press in, attempts left hook. O’Brien lands jab. Jones with another left high kick that is blocked. The two connect at same time with jabs. Jones with left body kick. Jones circling Ali style and pumping jab. O’Brien unfazed. O’Brien lands left hand. Jones attempts jump switch kick, O’Brien charges in and punches to no avail.

R2- O’Brien presses in again and nearly catches a jumping knee. Jones dancing around O’Brien with flashy footwork. O’Brien can’t get inside with jab, but lands a left hook. O’Brien with another jab. Left kick to body for Jones. Fight is looking more like a sparring session for Jones. O’Brien lands another left hook. Jones lands three jabs as he fades back. Jones fakes shot and throws spinning elbow that catches O’Brien near the top of the head. Jones nearly gets taken down as O’Brien recovers. Jones turns up the pace and sprawls against the cage when O’Brien shoots. He locks in a D’Arce choke against the cage after O’Brien fights it for several seconds. Official time is 2:43.

– Dong Hyun Kim vs. T.J. Grant

R1 – Southpaw Kim closing the distance. Grant with a body kick. Grant closes then shoots in quick for a single leg. Kim fighting against cage with wizard. Kim reverses Grant against the cage. Grant ends up in guard. Kim postures up and Grant threatens an armbar. Kim working small punches, postures up as Grant angles legs for a submission. Kim passes guard, loses it, but lands two big strikes. Kim stands up and the the two are against cage. Kim tries to hip toss Grant and the two spill to the canvas with Kim on top. Kim lands another elbow. Kim trying again to pass guard. Grant drives forward in transition and gets a leg. Kim sprawls and takes guard again. Kim lands two good elbows from Grant’s guard. Grant using butterfly guard to stymie Kim’s pass. Grant lands an elbow to the top of Kim’s head. Round ends.

R2 – Kim nearly lands left head kick and Grant attempts to return the favor. Grant punches his way in and the two clinch against the cage. Grant drops for single leg and Kim resists, hopping on his feet. Kim grabs a guillotine that looks tight and rolls Grant over, but Grant slips his head out. Once again, Kim is in Grant’s guard working punches and elbows, trying to pass. Grant snakes his left leg around for an oma plata but no dice. Kim stands up out of guard and returns after a Grant upkick. Grant tries to roll Kim over but is unsuccessful. Grant eats another elbow. Kim stand over Grant again and delivers a punch. Grant catches Kim with an illegal right upkick, Ref Mario Yamasaki stops the action and takes a point from Grant. Action is restarted on the feet. Grant lands a nice body kick after missing with a straight right left hook combo, round ends.

R3 – Kim misses with a hook, the two trade punches with neither coming out ahead. They clinch again and drive to the fence. Grant drives for a single leg and Kim once again defends with a wizard. Kim with another hip toss attempt but Grant defends and they’re clinched against the cage again. Grant attempting knees. Kim drives Grant back to the cage where action slows. Yamasaki stand it up and they trade shots until Kim gets a takedown. Grant working for a kimura. The action stalls on the ground with more of the same. Kim nearly lands axe kick to Grant’s belly. The two return to their feet where Grant lands some elbows in the clinch before Kim foot sweeps him to the ground. Kim stands over and throws more big shots. Back to guard, where Grant is stopping most of Kim’s attack. Round ends undramatically.

All three judges score bout 30-26 in favor of Kim.

– CB Dollaway vs. Tom Lawlor

R1 – Lawlor enters to “Who Let The Dogs Out” with training partner/fellow ham Seth Petruzelli in tow via chain with a dog bone in his mouth. Dollaway’s entrance is decidedly more subdued, to the strains of Eminem, “Till I Collapse.” They tap gloves, and it’s on. Dollaway with a jab, circling left he catches Tom with a right straight. Fires straight left again but misses. CB shoots for a takedown and gets caught in a straight Guillotine…it looks deep. Tom Lawlor signals to ref that CB is out, and when Lavigne pulls him off, he is indeed. :55 is the official time.

-Matt Grice vs. Shannon Gugerty

R1 – Grice closes distance, Gugerty with front kick to keep him off. Gugerty paws with jabs and a hook, Gugerty charges in, gets clinch and takes fight down. Gugerty in Grice’s half guard, working punches. Grice briefly gets guard, Gugerty goes back to half guard. Guguerty stand up when Grice gets guard, then goes for guillotine when Grice tries to get a leg. Gugerty rolls him over and the two pop up with Grice in a headlock. Gugerty never lets the hold go and takes Grice to the ground, getting hooks in and choking Grice unconscious. Official time is 2:36.


Main Card Bouts:
-Jon Fitch def. Paulo Thiago by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
-Brock Lesnar def. Frank Mir by TKO (strikes on the ground) Rd 2
-Georges St. Pierre def. Thiago Alves by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-44)
-Dan Henderson def. Michael Bisping by KO at 3:20, R2
-Yoshihiro Akiyama def. Alan Belcher by Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

Preliminary Bouts:
-Mark Coleman def. Stephan Bonnar by Unanimous Decision (29-28 3x)
-Jim Miller def. Mac Danzig by Unanimous Decision (30-27 3x)
-Jon Jones def. Jake O’Brien by Submission (D’Arce Choke) at 2:43, R2
-Dong-Hyun Kim def. T.J. Grant by Unanimous Decision (30-26 3x)
-Tom Lawlor def. CB Dollaway by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at :55, R1
-Matt Grice def. Shannon Gugerty by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 2:36, R1