U.S. Marine Asks Ronda Rousey Out to the Marine Corps Ball

August 28, 2015


At her current level of stardom, Ronda Rousey has admires from all corners of the world. With that kind of pull, it’s easy to assume Ronda is the dream girl for a lot of people out there.

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But one person in particular has asked for Ronda’s hand in escorting her to an important event. United States Marine Jarrod Haschert posted a video on Facebook wherein he asks Ronda to the Marine Corps Ball on Dec. 11. At the time of this posting, the video has over 3.6 million views (and rising), so don’t be surprised if it warrants some kind of response from “Rowdy” in the near future.

To the footage!

Hey guys, I’m trying to take Ronda Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball this year and I need your help to reach out to her and her fans. Please share this post and video. Thank you!!

Posted by Jarrod Hash on Saturday, August 22, 2015

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