Tywan Claxton grateful to have his fights featured on Bellator MMA: Recharged

For a fighter still early in his career as featherweight Tywan Claxton is, to have an opportunity to have his fights replayed on the recently launched “Bellator MMA: Recharged” on CBS Sports Network is a big thing.

With more exposure comes more fans who want to see him fight, giving Claxton a boost when he finally gets the opportunity to compete again once the coronavirus lockdown lifts.

“I think it’s cool because I’m still young in my career, and I’m growing, and I think it’s cool that Bellator is replying fight cards that I was on,” Claxton told MMAWeekly.com.

“In certain fights I’m having fun, and in other fights I’m not having fun, but it’s in the fights that I’m having fun that you get pretty cool experiences out of. It’s all about fun. I would just ask people to look at those fights and come out with the fact that I’m out there having fun.”

When it comes to any fights that stand out to Claxton as ones he feels showcases different aspects of his game, three in particular catch his attention.

“At the end of the (Cris) Lencioni fight (from Bellator 204) I was really angry, and I’m not usually angry, but if you want to see the full-fledged competitor then maybe the Lencioni fight,” said Claxton. “If you want to see the fun competitor probably the (Bellator 221) James Bennett fight.

“Then if you want to see evolution and growth probably Brayden Akeo (Bellator 235) fight. I think each fight for me is special because I only have a certain number. I think every single one of my fights they can watch and pick up something about me, but I don’t have just one that stands out.”

During his time in lockdown, Claxton has kept busy with computer coding, which he feels has direct connections to his fight career.

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“They’re on the same wavelength,” Claxton said. “With coding there’s multiple ways to present a result, in fighting there’s multiple ways to present results. (Similarly there) are transfer control statements with like ‘if than’.

“Like if he does this, then I do this, if he throws this, I counter with this. It’s the same thing in code. If element is this, then this. You’re always thinking ‘if than’ depending on the type of code you’re running. For me I’m always thinking in terms of building and breaking down, and in fighting it’s the same.”

When he is able to return to fighting, Claxton wants to continue to work his way up the featherweight rankings and take his career to bigger heights.

“I think once life gets back to normal, I’m a fighter and I want to fight,” said Claxton. “I want things to keep getting bigger and better; bigger and better fights; bigger and better deals; bigger and better stages; bigger and better.”