Tyson Nam says he has the tricks and tools to beat Tagir Ulanbekov at UFC Vegas 29

UFC flyweight Tyson Nam just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the judges. For the third time in his UFC career Nam has come out on the losing end of a decision, this time to Matt Schnell at Fight Night this past January.

Looking back on the split-decision loss to Schnell, Nam can see both the things he did well and the things he didn’t accomplish in the bout.

“I thought I did enough to edge out a victory, but my track record always says that for some odd reason I don’t win decisions,” Nam told MMAWeekly.com. “I need to know somebody out to win. It was a really close, competitive, fight between me and Matt. If it swang one way or another we really can’t be mad.

“I landed the more effective strikes, and the more cage control, but I think I relied a little too much on trying to land one big shot instead of trying to put more volume out there. I think that’s something I need to be working on.”

In recent months Nam has overhauled his training in an effort to get back on the winning track and stay there.

“I changed up the whole process to where the majority of my training is taking place at Gracie Technics,” said Nam. “Changing location, changing a few training partners, but all in all I’ve done a whole revamp of my training schedule.”

On June 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nam (20-12-1) will look to rebound against Tagir Ulanbekov (12-1) in a main card 125-pound bout at UFC Fight Night: Korean Zombie vs. Ige.

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“We fought in the same promotion in Russia in Fight Night Global, so we’re definitely no stranger to one another,” Nam said of Ulanbekov. “I wanted to fight him back then, but even better we get to fight each other in the UFC.

“Tagir is very well-rounded with his stand-up and his grappling. I think the things I’ve been working on with my new coach we have a really good game plan. I think we have the tricks and the tools to even win a decision decisively (if I can’t get a finish).”

With the changes he’s made to his training, Nam is eager to push things in 2021 and see where it leads him.

“One thing at a time, but with 2021 looking on the rise I feel like I’m still getting better, even later in my career, I see great things in 2021 in the UFC, in MMA, for myself,” said Nam.