Tyson Griffin Selects Winner in Charity Event for Boys Town Nevada

October 26, 2011

Tyson Griffin and Hermes Franca at UFC 103

Tyson Griffin and Hermes Franca at UFC 103

As UFC 137 fast approaches, featherweight Tyson Griffin has selected a winner for his Impact Fight Charities fundraiser to benefit the Boys Town of Nevada.

Kent Frye of Washington won the random raffle that Griffin hosted on his website. The raffle was a way to raise money for the Boys Town of Nevada, a charity that is close to Griffin, and something he felt strongly about supporting.

Frye will now receive 2 tickets to Griffin’s UFC 137 fight this weekend against Bart Palaszewski, as well as tickets to his after party in Las Vegas.

“I thought one of my buddies was playing a practical joke on me,” said Frye, “I still can’t believe it. This is my sixth UFC live event this year so life is good! My friends call me the UFC super fan. I saw Tyson fight live at UFC 115 in Vancouver; action packed fight, this dude can brawl. I think of him as a bulldog, never a dull moment when he’s fighting and I’m looking forward to watching him kick some butt! It’s pretty neat he does this charity work for kids in Nevada, my wife and I are huge supporters of charity work for children.”

In addition to the tickets that Frye received, Beyond the Cage also donated a one of a kind art piece to show support for Griffin’s efforts to raise awareness and help the Boys Town of Nevada.

“We at Beyond The Cage are privileged to be working with Tyson Griffin who is truly and inspiration to all,” says Jerry G., spokesman for Beyond The Cage. “We hope with our combined efforts we make it a little easier to help such a worthy cause and the people at Boys Town of Nevada.”

Frye will enjoy his prize in just a couple of days as Griffin’s attention now turns to getting a second win at 145lbs after a successful debut at featherweight a few months back.