Tyrone Henderson looking to fight his fight at CageSport 56

April 24, 2019

For the most part, lightweight Tyron Henderson feels like he had a productive 2018.

After picking up three wins over the course of five months, Henderson closed out the year with a loss to Tristan Connelly at CageSport 54 in December when he couldn’t continue due to injury.

“It was a good redemption year for me,” Henderson told MMAWeekly.com. “Unfortunately for me my last fight I went in with an injury and it kind of attacked me in the fight.

“Other than that it was a great year for me. I think that I showed a lot of people that I’m very talented and that I take every fight seriously.”

Entering his fifth year as a pro, Henderson feels the biggest improvement in his game has been his ability to game plan better and not rely on athleticism alone to win fights.

“When I first started off fighting it was pretty much blow for blow, punch for punch, kick for kick, but now I pick my tactics very strategically,” said Henderson.

“I feel like I’m very strong and very fast, but I’m not about to be in a fight with you. That’s not where we are. We’re athletes. They’re playing checkers and we’re playing chess.”

On Saturday in Tacoma, Wash., Henderson (8-5-1) will look to get his first win of 2019 when he faces Pat Benson (4-6-1) in a main card 155-pound bout at CageSport 56.

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“I just have to be me,” Henderson. “I feel like when I fight my fight, I can’t be beaten. When I lose it’s because I allow myself to fight the other person’s fight.

“I didn’t even ask who the opponent is. I didn’t care, because at the end of the day when I’m in the cage the battle it comes down to is me versus me.”

When it comes to the remainder of the year, Henderson is eager to close out what he feels is some unfinished business from 2018.

“I really want a rematch with (Connelly) from my most recent fight that I ended up losing to because of injury,” said Henderson. “I really want that rematch.

“I feel really bad for him and myself that I couldn’t give him the fight that he deserves, and I didn’t give my full effort because of my injury. Ultimately my goal is to get back into him and give him the fight he deserves.”