Tyron Woodley Squashing His Beef with Dana White and RDA

February 16, 2018

Things hit a fever pitch last week surrounding UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley

He had long been talked about and had talked about being in a fight with Nate Diaz. Diaz had also talked about the possibility of such a fight. Top welterweight contender Rafael dos Anjos took umbrage with that and called Woodley out. UFC president Dana White didn’t like what was being reported and also called Woodley out, in not so pleasant terms.

Woodley last week admitted he was “pissed off” about White’s reaction and all the flack he was getting for simply talking about a potential fight with Diaz. 

Having had a few days to take a step back and reassess, Woodley is ready to bury the hatchet and focus on moving forward.

Tyron Woodley Squashing His Beef with Dana White

Dana White and Tyron Woodley“I’m squashing everything. I’m focusing on getting this shoulder together. One by one, everybody will get these hands. I don’t know the order; I don’t know who is next,” Woodley said on the latest edition of his TMZ Sports web series “Holloywood Beatdown.”

“I’ve never wanted to bounce around and not continue to defend my belt. I’ve been there for a while and I plan on knocking everybody out. People have a short term memory on what I’ve been able to do. 11 finishes, nine in the first round. Some of the most vicious KOs in UFC history. Those stats are never talked about, so therefore, I’m gonna take a woosah!”

Woodley realized that, especially since he is currently unable to fight, he had been spinning his wheels arguing with everyone, particularly his boss. 

Tyron Woodley Focusing on Recovery from Shoulder Surgery

The UFC welterweight champion underwent shoulder surgery late last year when he realized he didn’t have a fight lined up and is still on the mend. Though he plans to be able to fight sometime around late first quarter to early second quarter of 2018, that doesn’t mean he’s ready now.

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“Burying the hatchet with everything because, at the end of the day, a lot of people say, ‘Why don’t you just fight?’ I’ve had surgery; Dec. 19 of 2017. We are exactly eight weeks from that point. You guys think from a serious labrum tear, you can be back fighting in eight weeks, you guys need to get a life.”

So for now, Woodley is going to focus on recouping his shoulder and getting back in to fighting shape.