Tyron Woodley rips Colby Covington for ‘disgraceful’ Matt Hughes comment

Matt Hughes may have taken Colby Covington’s UFC on ESPN 5 post-fight reference to his train accident in stride, but Tyron Woodley certainly did not. Woodley called out Covington in a TMZ Sports interview, calling his post-fight comments disgraceful and demanding a public apology.

“I was truly inspired when the first family came in the building and came and seen me backstage. Let’s give it up for the Trumps, they’re keeping America great!” said Covington after defeating former Hughes teammate Robbie Lawler in the UFC on ESPN 5 main event on Saturday in Newark, N.J.

“Hey, let’s talk about the lesson we learned here tonight. It’s a strong lesson that Robbie should have learned from his good buddy Matt Hughes. You stay off the track when the train is coming through, junior. Don’t matter if it’s the Trump train or the Colby train. Get out the way!”

Hughes was driving a truck that was struck by a train on June 16, 2017. While the accident initially left him unconscious and unresponsive in the hospital, many fearing he would not recover, Hughes eventually did recover. He still suffers numerous longterm effects from the accident, including irregular speech, difficulty walking, and other issues.

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While TMZ had asked Woodley about Covington’s public support for contentious U.S. President Donald Trump and his family, the former UFC welterweight champion disregarded that question and went straight at Covington’s remark referencing fellow former champion Hughes.

“It was a disgrace and he needs to do a public apology for what he said about Matt Hughes,” Woodley said in the TMZ interview.

“That ain’t funny. That ain’t a joke. He’s blessed to even be here, no matter how he got on the tracks. To joke around about Matt Hughes, to use that. To use the Brazilian culture. To use all of these different things to make a mockery. He’s going to find himself in a way worse situation than an ass whooping in the cage. He needs to find a line and draw it.

“You can be completely obnoxious, but when you get to those points where you’re touching on issues that are not funny – talking about people’s nationalities, talking about people’s significant others – you’re going to get hurt.”

Tyron Woodley blasts Colby Covington for remarks referencing Matt Hughes

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