Tyron Woodley Prepared to Leak Texts to Expose Colby Covington

June 12, 2018

Some of the biggest feuds in UFC history have been between former training partners. Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw, Rashad Evans and Jon Jones all come to mind. Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and interim titleholder Colby Covington used to be training partners at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida. Now they’re bitter rivals.

Following his UFC 225 unanimous decision victory over Rafael dos Anjos to capture the interim belt, Covington unleashed a verbal assault on Woodley during his post-fight interview.

“Tyron Woodley, you’re a friggin’ coward. Why did you let this little, filthy animal take this ass whooping tonight? It was supposed to be you,” he said. “You can’t run. You can’t hide anymore Tyron Woodley. I’m coming for you. Like I said, this is the real championship belt.”

“Tyron Woodley knows that the last time we trained I melted him. He was done after two rounds. The same thing will happen when I unify my belt,” added the interim champion.

Woodley responded on social media immediately following the fight and accepted the challenge. On Monday, the welterweight champion appeared on The MMA Hour and threatened to expose Covington and his shtick.

“There’s been a lot of people that have asked me to comment on Colby. One thing that Colby is really underestimating is that I will leak these texts messages of him. I am his big brother, and I will always be his big brother. And he’s the one that says, ‘I need help with marketing man. I need to get sponsors and I need to get in the UFC.’ He was brought in to training camp to help me train for Rory MacDonald and I’ve never met a more lazier piece of s–t than Colby Covington; a more horrible human being than Colby Covington,” said Woodley.

“When it was time to wrestle, ask him how many takedowns he actually scored on me. Zero. Ask him why he turned blue like a f—ing big blue berry when I was choking him out and he refused to tap. So he is an asshole training partner. He is a horrible human being. Nothing that he said was factual,” continued Woodley. “Not only has he never taken me down, he’s never won a millisecond of a round. I can’t even imagine he won an exchange of combinations. He ran from me the entire training camp. He went home early saying his toe was hurting.”

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Woodley said that he’s tried to ignore Covington’s antics and comments but now that he’s the interim titleholder Covington’s got Woodley’s attention. “The Chosen One” vowed to hand “Chaos” a beating that he won’t soon forget.

“I’m going to whoop his ass so bad. I’ve never wanted to hurt somebody in my life. I’ve never wanted to beat somebody up so bad. He’s so non-deserving to fight for the title. He’s finessed himself in with his mouth,” said Woodley.

“He’s not on my level. He will never be on my level, but now he’s to the point where it’s almost like my duty as a martial artist to f— him up. It’s almost my job as a martial artist — He’s a disgrace to American Top Team, the tradition that it’s rooted in. He’s a disgrace to the sport, and he’s a mockery to the toughest and best division in the UFC’s history, the welterweight divison. He’s a disgrace to it.

“It’s not like he’s just going out there and saying stuff that he believes.  He’s staging and premeditating very controversial, very racial, very socially insensitive statements and he can’t back it up.  He’s talked himself into a fight with me.  The problem is when they lock this Octagon, I’m going to unleash an ass whipping on him that nobody has ever experienced.”