Tyron Woodley predicts Cris Cyborg will fight for the UFC in 2020 (video)

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Cris Cyborg and UFC president Dana White have had a rocky relationship over the years, but things took a drastic turn for the worse after Cyborg fought out her most recent UFC contract.

There had already been tension between them before Cyborg defeated Felicia Spencer at UFC 240, but it boiled over after the fight. White continued to say that he didn’t believe Cyborg wanted to rematch Amanda Nunes, while Cyborg kept insisting the White was lying.

What really tipped the scales was when Cyborg’s team posted two videos. One was footage of comments that White and Joe Rogan made several years ago disparaging Cyborg. The other was video of Cyborg confronting White in the UFC 240 backstage area, but her production team doctored the video to make it look like White admitted to lying.

After the doctored video hit the internet, White went off on Cyborg in an interview with Laura Senko that the UFC posted. In the video, White declared he was “out of the Cyborg business.” He stated that he was letting Cyborg out of any contractual stipulations and would not match offers from any other promoter. She was free to walk away.

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Though that seemed to drive a stake through the heart of the matter, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley doesn’t believe that Cyborg’s days fighting for White are over. In fact, he believes she’ll be back in the Octagon in 2020.