Tyron Woodley on the Road to Recovery Following Shoulder Surgery

After “big money” fights opposite Nate Diaz and Georges St-Pierre failed to come to fruition, UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley said he was going to opt for shoulder surgery.

Rafael dos Anjos defeated Robbie Lawler over the weekend at UFC on FOX 26, earning the next linear shot at Woodley, but he’ll have to sit on the sidelines, waiting a few months until the champion has recovered. 

“The situation with my shoulder, I was trying to rehab it, I was trying to see if I could not have to undergo surgery,” Woodley explained on “UFC Tonight” a week ago.  “I was actually going to take a fight with Mr. Nate Diaz prior to the surgery and then have it afterwards but that fight did not shake out. So therefore, I’m going to undergo not a full reconstruction, they’re going to clean my shoulder out, anchor down the parts that they need to anchor down and then it will be on the road to recovery after that.”

There was no timeline given for Woodley’s recovery, but he did undergo the surgery as his manager, Malki Kawa posted a humorous photo of his client on Monday post-surgery. Woodley looks as if he’s doing well, but might perhaps be a little loopy from the anesthesia.

As Kawa said, he’ll probably pay for that photo later, but for now, we get to enjoy as the champ recovers from surgery.

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