Tyron Woodley Makes It Clear He Wants to Fight Colby Covington Next

December 21, 2018

Tyron Woodley still hasn’t officially booked his next fight but it seems he’s keeping his focus on a long awaited showdown with Colby Covington.

Just recently, top five ranked welterweight contender Kamaru Usman showed off a signed bout agreement to face Woodley with sources saying that the fight was offered for UFC 235 in March.

The fight was never made official, however, and now Woodley has stated rather adamantly that he’s more interested in his grudge match against Covington before he gets to Usman somewhere down the road.

“I want to whip Colby’s ass to be honest,” Woodley said on his ‘Hollywood Beatdown’ show on TMZ. “Because they done built this dude up, they allow him to annoy the universe with his terrible s—t. He’s garbage. I think it’s just way more to sell this fight and if they’re not going to allow me to fight a guy like Conor [McGregor] or going up a weight class, I’ve never been allowed to go up a weight class to fight for a title. I’ve asked to do it a million times. [Michael] Bisping, then they let GSP (Georges St-Pierre) come in and fight him.

“So if those fights aren’t on the table, I’m gonna end up fighting Usman anyways so let me fight Colby first, let me get this bag right quick, let me whoop his ass.”

Colby Covington

Photo by Damon Martin

Woodley says the main reason he wants to fight Covington now rather than late is because he wants to be the person to finally silence his former teammate after he’s spent the last year and a half trash talking him.

Beyond that reasoning, Covington seemed like the logical No. 1 contender considering he was crowned interim champion back in June only to have the belt taken away from him three months later when he couldn’t fight Woodley at UFC 228 in September.

All signs pointed towards a Woodley vs. Covington showdown but Usman receiving a bout agreement seemed to throw all of that into upheaval.

Still, Woodley says Covington is the fight he wants most right now and he’s just awaiting word on the UFC.

“I don’t want somebody else in the interim to get the chance to beat him,” Woodley said about Covington. “I’m not pressed on fighting Nick Diaz or GSP or nobody else. I’m that guy right now, they want to fight me. So I’m just going to keep sitting up here beating ass.”