Tyron Woodley is offering $5K to the fan with the best meme of him face-planted by Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley is taking his embarrassing KO at the hands of Jake Paul very well.

The former UFC champion is offering $5,000 to the fan with the best original meme of him faceplanted on the canvas after his loss.

The call to action was made on Woodley’s Instagram and comes with a few stipulations in order to be eligible.

“They thought a lesson would make me quit. That shit made me laugh. I been here before,” Woodley wrote on Monday, Dec. 20. “But y’all real funny wit the memes. some of that shit i gotta laugh at myself. People talented at photoshop and editing. Might as well get paid for it. Here you go. 5 Bands to the funniest video/pic. Rules below”

According to Woodley, the rules are as follows

1) Must Use Multi layered post
2) First slide your meme/Second slide must show you following me
3) Yeah i’m not giving you 5 bands to let you drill me and not follow me FOH. Tag me so i see it.
4) Promise to do good with some of it

We’re sure to see some incredible entries as they were bountiful even before the call to action. Here are just a few we found online, that may or may not be a part of Woodley’s contest.

Jake Paul praises Tyron Woodley, believes ‘there’s still a lot of money for him to make’

Paul defeated Woodley in the sixth round via a one-punch KO. That makes it 0-2 for Woodley in his boxing career, both losses coming at the hands of Paul.

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