Tyron Woodley Fires Back at Rafael dos Anjos Suggesting an Interim Title Fight

October 12, 2017

With three title defenses over the past 12 months, welterweight king Tyron Woodley knows his championship status has been earned.

Still that didn’t stop former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos from suggesting on Thursday that his newly announced fight against Robbie Lawler should potentially be for an interim title.

Dos Anjos argued that because Woodley is expected to be out of action until 2018 due to a shoulder injury that perhaps his fight with Lawler should crown an interim champion.

Two former Champions ranked #1 and #5 fighting while the current Champ needs months to recover from an injury…if it looks like a duck

Well it didn’t take long for Woodley to respond, especially considering his spot atop the division has been secured ever since winning the belt in July 2016.

Woodley has been one of the most active champions on the roster including two title fights already in 2017 with both bouts going the full five rounds.

It would take Woodley sitting out until July 2018 for the welterweight title to sit on the sidelines for a full year, which means that dos Anjos’ request will likely fall on deaf ears.

What dos Anjos might get instead is a shot at Woodley and the title next year should he get past Lawler on Dec. 16 in the main event at FOX UFC Fight Night from Winnipeg, Canada.

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