Tyron Woodley Critical of Raquel Pennington’s Coaches For Not Stopping The Fight After the Fourth Round

Raquel Pennington suffered a brutal fifth round TKO in her championship fight against Amanda Nunes, although most believe the fight should have been stopped much sooner.

Following the end of the fourth round that saw Pennington’s nose get mangled courtesy of a huge knee strike from Nunes, she went to her corner and specifically said ‘I’m done’ but her coaches would not allow her to stop.

Instead, Pennington’s coaches insisted that she got ready for the fifth round where she was promptly taken to the mat, hammered with punches and elbows and her nose took even more damage before the fight was finally stopped.

Afterwards, Nunes was not happy with Pennington’s coaches refusing to stop the fight despite her insistence that she was done. UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley agreed with Nunes when he addressed the subject on the UFC 224 post fight show.

“I’m not going to give the benefit of the doubt,” Woodley said about Pennington’s coaches. “If your fighter says ‘I want to be done’, then she wants to be done. Allow her to say, hey fight’s over with, take no more damage. Yes, we want to see a great fight, we love to see blood and back and forth wars and yeah she could have came back with a KO punch and won the fight.

“But she stated ‘I want to be done’. That’s her preference. Allow her to have that. The fight should have been done at the end of fourth round.”

Pennington didn’t speak to the media after the fight because she was taken to a local hospital for treatment following the loss.

The subject of coaches throwing in the towel for their fighters has become a big topic of conversation in recent months with athletes taking too much damage before a bout is actually stopped.

It’s not likely Pennington will throw her coaches under the bus for not stopping the fight after the fourth round but it certainly seems like she took some unnecessary damage in the fifth round before the referee finally saw enough.