Tyron Woodley calls out Brendan Schaub for suggesting racial overtones in Jon Jones vs. Israel Adesanya feud

April 19, 2019

(Video courtesy of TMZSports | Viewing may be limited by broadcast rights restrictions)

TMZ Sports often gets credit for being an instigator with many of its interviews. When the outlet recently asked Jon Jones about who he saw himself fighting now that he’s back in the UFC swing of things, Jones mentioned that he thought he and Israel Adesanya would eventually fight.

That triggered a few weeks of jawwing back and forth on social media and in interviews between Jones and Adesanya. When that feud hit a fever pitch, UFC veteran Brendan Schaub addressed it on Joe Rogan’s podcast, claiming that TMZ instigated the feud and insinuated that race was involved in TMZ’s motives.

Rogan noted that what Jones had said initially wasn’t disrespectful, he simply stated that he felt one day he and Adesanya would probably end up fighting. But Schaub felt when TMZ then asked Adesanya about it that they were out of place.

“Stylebender, TMZ asked him, they don’t know s–t about fighting. This guy’s big, this guy’s big, they’re both black, let’s fight. They have no idea. That’s what they think,” Schaub said.

During Tyron Woodley’s weekly show on TMZ, The Hollywood Beatdown, he discussed the matter with co-host Evan Peters, who was the one to ask Jones the initial question.

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While Peters felt Schaub’s linking race to the story was out of line, Woodley was even more aggressive about Schaub’s comments, “I’d take it more personal cuz it’s almost saying that you guys at TMZ don’t know anything, you guys are racist. Damn!”