Tyron Woodley and Dana White’s Rocky Relationship is Now ‘Gucci’

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UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and company president Dana White have had their ups and their downs over the years, but they are currently “Gucci,” according to the champ.

For those of us not fluent in the younger generation’s vernacular, being Gucci is evidently a good thing, and that comes from the man himself, Woodley. 

Woodley and White have had a few rocky moments between them. Most recently, there was some public friction due to White’s heavy criticism leveled at Woodley for his less-than-stellar performance against Demian Maia at UFC 214 in July. 

White felt that Woodley could have taken more chances and thrown more punches, but that was before Woodley explained that he tore his labrum early in the fight.

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The two are still known to pal around at times, and Woodley and his son even attended the birthday party of White’s son, at which Kendrick Lamar was performing. 

So Woodley may have lost his shot at Georges St-Pierre over the Maia meltdown, but fear not, he and White are all Gucci. (And hopefully that’s the last time you’ll witness us using the term Gucci as an adjective.)

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