Tyron Woodley accepts Floyd Mayweather’s offer to help train for Jake Paul

All-time boxing great Floyd Mayweather recently offered to help assist Tyron Woodley in preparation for his boxing match against social media magnate and professional boxer Jake Paul.

On Thursday, the former UFC welterweight champion said he will accept Mayweather’s services. To Woodley, accepting Mayweather’s offer was a no-brainer.

“They just texted me. Let’s do it, we up. I just talked to him today, so for sure. Why would I not train with the greatest boxer of all time?” Woodley said during a media scrum for his Aug. 28 bout with ‘The Problem Child’. “He’s already my dog. We’ve been talking about training anyway. So for sure. I’m definitely gonna take him up on that.”

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul face-off video

Mayweather, who is facing Logan Paul in an exhibition match on Sunday, had a dust-up with Jake Paul at a promotional event several weeks ago. It is unclear as to whether or not that is the reason for Mayweather’s willingness to help train Woodley for his boxing debut.

Regardless, Woodley is certainly focused on his preparation for Paul. The fact that ‘The Chosen One’ is going to receive training assistance from arguably the greatest boxer of all time in Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, can only better the former UFC welterweight champion’s chances at victory.