Tyler Toner Ready When UFC Calls Him Back

December 22, 2011

This past Saturday at Ring of Fire 42 former WEC/UFC featherweight Tyler “Thunder” Toner was anticipating a tough bout from his opponent, Nick Macias, and that’s exactly what he got.

“I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t finish him,” said Toner. “He had a pretty solid chin. I hit him with some hard shots that drop pretty much everyone else I hit with, and he was still there.

“I got a sense he was going to try to take me to the ground and win on wrestling. That’s pretty much what I prepared for. I defended the takedown well. He only got me down once. I think it was pretty much what I expected.”

Considering he was out of action for nine months, Toner is happy to have closed out the year with back-to-back wins.

“I got the fight over with and now I’m ready to enjoy the holidays and get back to training next week,” he said. “I didn’t have any injuries or anything, so 2011 I’d say was a good year.”

Also picking up a win on Saturday was former IFL lightweight champion Ryan “The Lion” Schultz, who was making his debut at 145-pounds.

When asked if that could be a possible future match-up, Toner replied, “I didn’t get a chance to see that fight, but I did get a chance to train with him a little bit, and the guy’s definitely a beast.

“Who knows? (There might be interest) if somebody wants to set it up.”

For Toner it’s not so much about who he is fighting as opposed to where he is fighting – namely a possible return to the UFC.

“That’s up to them,” he said. “I think I’m of that caliber, and I’m ready whenever they call me.

“I’m open to fighting wherever I get fights. I don’t really care what organization. Ideally it would be the UFC and getting better exposure, tougher fights, and better paydays, but whatever comes up is what is going to happen.”

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