Tyler Stinson’s Goal is World Series of Fighting Title, but He Puts that Aside to Fight Josh Burkman

March 22, 2014

Tyler StinsonOver the course of his most recent four-fight winning streak, welterweight Tyler “Evolution” Stinson has kept things simple to maintain his success.

“It’s basically just staying in the gym and keeping focus and keeping everything sharp,” Stinson told MMAWeekly.com. “When it’s fight night going out there, doing what I’m supposed to do and taking care of fight business.”

While he’s managed to pull off multiple winning streaks throughout his eight-year career, only now is Stinson getting a breakthrough opportunity with the World Series of Fighting.

It’s an opportunity that was helped along with the encouragement of Stinson’s housemate.

“My roommate Justin Gaethje is the (lightweight) champion and has been there for a while, so that kind of helped me make the decision (to join WSOF),” said Stinson.

“They take care of him and he didn’t have a bad thing to say about them, so I thought it was pretty cool to have us both in the WSOF and now the goal is to have both the belts here in the house.”

Stinson (27-9) made a successful debut with the WSOF earlier this year with a third-round TKO win over Valdir Araujo in January. And now he returns to the company on March 29 to take on former title contender Josh Burkman (26-10) in a welterweight showdown.

“It’s the same thing I always do when I get a win, just go out there and not worry about what he’s going to do and do exactly what I do; just keep up the pressure and punch him in the face pretty hard,” said Stinson. “My strategy has always been simple: it’s to go out there and punch you hard in the face and try to knock you out.”

A win over Burkman could be a big step in Stinson’s career, but he’s not thinking too much about the ramifications after the fight. It’s the fight itself that’s on Stinson’s mind.

“A win over Burkman is big no matter what organization you’re in,” said Stinson. “He’s been around for a while and has been on bigger shows than I have and is the guy to beat right now.

“As far as the WSOF and title shots, they’ve already got (Jon) Fitch waiting in line for a title shot, so I’m not really worried about all that stuff. I want to get this win, and if I get a title shot, cool. If I’ve got to fight again, all that stuff I can’t control. All I can control is going out there and performing.”

Stinson concluded, “I’m pretty good at being able to put that all aside where it needs to be and focus on whoever I’m supposed to beat up.”

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