Two UFC Events in Two Days in Two Countries? Not a Problem

June 21, 2012

UFC LogoThe UFC for the first time is doing two events on back-to-back days, and in two different countries, no less.

So which one is going get the short end of the stick?

Neither, says UFC managing director of international business Marshall Zelaznik. In fact, UFC president Dana White and the Octagon girls will even be in attendance at both events.

They’ll be at UFC on FX 4 in Atlantic City, N.J., on Friday night, then jump on a plane immediately after the event and head for Brazil for UFC 147.

“It’s no doubt a challenge,” said Zelaznik. “I think this year we (are doing) 31, 32 live events; next year we’re anticipating 34. Dana is intent on being at every event and obviously this year he missed his first one. In terms of getting Dana and the Octagon girls here (to Brazil), we’re lucky in that the company does have some private jets and we can get people here. Dana will be here for the event; the Octagon girls will be here.”

He did mention that there are plans in the works to ease the burden on some of the UFC’s staff, while parlaying that into regional marketing at the same time.

“One of the things we do want to do, however, is we do want to find local Octagon girls for some of these regions. That’s something we’re going to do here in Brazil. We’ve already started the process in Australia and the U.K. with The Ultimate Fighter Australia vs. the U.K.

But as far as UFC on FX 4 in Atlantic City and UFC 147 in Belo Horizonte, more than 4,500 miles across the globe, fans won’t notice that the UFC has two shows running back-to-back.

“Logistically, (UFC 147) will be just as big of a show as if you were at a show in Las Vegas,” promised Zelaznik. “All the lights, the sounds, it will be an amazing event. No one will realize we have an event both Friday and Saturday. It will have the same impact as anywhere else.”

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