Two New TUF Winners Crowned at The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 Finale

June 1, 2014

TUF Brazil 3 Finale Fighters-478x270The Ultimate Fighting Championship crowned two new The Ultimate Fighter winners in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Saturday. Warlley Alves submitted his way to the middleweight tournament title while Antonio Carlos Junior captured the heavyweight tournament title via unanimous decision.

It was an all-Team Sonnen middleweight final between undefeated fighters Marcio Alexandre and Warlley Alves. Alves landed a right hand early in the opening round that stunned Alexandre. “Lyoto” worked his way back to his feet, but Alves continued to pressure him. He elevated Alexandre from the clinch position and slammed him to the canvas, landing in side control. Alexandre quickly got back to his feet, but Alves didn’t allow him the space to work his striking.

Alves pressed forward in the second frame and secured an early takedown and delivered a heavy dose of ground and pound. Alexandre scrambled to his feet, but Alves dictated the distance and kept the fight in close quarters. After two rounds, Alves was in complete control of the fight.

Alves landed a counter right hand in the opening moments of the final frame that wobbled Alexandre. Alexandre decided to try and get the fight to the ground. As he changed levels for a single-leg takedown, Alves locked on a guillotine choke that rendered Alexandre unconscious.

“I’m really very happy. I’m very proud,” said Alves after winning The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 middleweight tournament. “I don’t practice jiu-jitsu. I don’t practice wrestling. I don’t practice individual sports. I practice MMA. This is a dream come true. So I’m really very happy.”

Team Wanderlei’s Antonio Carlos Junior faced Team Sonnen’s Vitor Miranda in the heavyweight tournament final. Miranda was warned in the opening moments of the fight after delivering an accidental groin strike. Once the fight was restarted, Carlos Junior pressed forward with a combination and quickly changed levels to take Miranda down. Miranda worked his way back to his feet where he delivered leg kicks. It was a competitive round with the early takedown being the difference.

Carlos Junior tried to touch gloves to start the second frame, but Miranda hit him with a leg kick instead. Carlos Junior caught a kick and secured a takedown.  He advanced to the mount position. Miranda worked his way to the half guard position. Carlos Junior dropped back looking to isolate a leg and Miranda scrambled to his feet. He dropped back in Carlos Junior’s guard and landed elbows as Carlos Junior worked to take his back. The round ended with Carlos Junior working to get Miranda down.

Carlos Junior landed a right counter off of a Miranda leg kick and powered forward with a double-leg takedown in the early going of the final round. Miranda got to his feet only to be powered back to the canvas. Miranda moved himself to the cage and used it to stand. Carlos Junior tripped him back to the ground and took Miranda’s back. He mounted Miranda. The round ended with Miranda trying to scramble out of the bad position.  The judges scored the fight for Carlos Junior by unanimous decision. The scorecards read 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

“This is a very special night for me. I’m really very happy to be here in front of all of my family and the crowd chanting my name. It’s really very good,” said Carlos Junior after winning the UFC contract. “It was a good moment for me. I’d also like to thank Wanderlei Silva. I know that some people are upset with him, but he deserves a lot of respect for his history back in Pride. I’d also like to thank Chael Sonnen.”

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