MMAWeekly.com (Translated by Ryoko Takahashi of DSE)
Pride announced two more match-ups for the Pride Final Conflict Absolute 2006 today in Tokyo, Japan. Kazuhiro Nakamura will fight Yoshihiro “KISS” Nakao and Yousuke Nishijima will fight Evangelista Cyborg.

Takada mentioned that half of the second round of the Open Weight GP in July was not as exciting as everyone expected. Takada feels that these are good match-ups for the show. Nishijima who had such an exciting stand-up war with Mark Hunt in his Pride debut, but was then easily dismantled on the ground by Yoshida in his second fight is hoping this will be a better matchup for him. Nishijima said about Cyborg, “I will be fighting a very good striker from Chute Boxe. I would like to use my punching and striking skills against him.”

Nakamura will be fighting the infamous K-1 fighter, Yoshihiro “KISS” Nakao, who got knocked out by Heath Herring after kissing Herring during their staredown before the fight started. Nakao said, “This will be a wrestling versus judo match, and I would like to leave a great impression to the fans who will be coming to the arena. I would like to become ‘Mr. PRIDE’ eventually.” In response to Nakao’s statement Nakamura stated, “I think in his previous fight, Nakao had an opponent who was also new to the PRIDE ring like he was, however, I think just because he had one win against a guy and makes statements like “Mr. Pride” is not appropriate. I will teach him how tough PRIDE can be.”

When Nakao was asked if he would kiss Nakamura he said, “I really don’t know what will go on, and I really don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll leave it up to my instincts.” Further stating about his thoughts on his opponent he said, “I think he’s living small. He should be living bigger and should have more fun as a professional”.

Nakao sees this fight as a stepping stone to his next fight as he mentioned, “First, I wanted to fight against Mark Hunt because I think he’d be able to bring out my techniques and skills. I’m seeing this match against Nakamura as a step closer to fighting against Mark Hunt. I’d like to KO Nakamura, and will leave a lasting impression with the fans.” And when asked about if he has to be cautious of Nakamura’s skills or techniques he said, “What if he kisses me despite all that tough-acting? I should definitely be cautious of that.”

During the pictures when the two fighters were asked to face each other Nakamura refused to face Nakao. When asked why he didn’t Nakamura said, “It just seemed a bit odd for me. He’s a very different opponent whom I will be facing for the first time unlike other fighters.” He continued to elaborate on the ‘Mr. Pride’ comment by saying, “He doesn’t get it. PRIDE is a lot tougher than he thinks. I will definitely teach him how tough PRIDE can get. I really can’t tell from his previous fight since it was too short.”

The skillful boxer in Nishijima is not content with just boxing as he has been working on Judo as of late. “I am now practicing Judo. I wear a gi and train, ” said Nishijima. In reference to Tyson appearing in the Pride press conference in California he said, “I was very impressed. Mike Tyson is a superstar, and I would like to fight him, if I have the opportunity.”