Two Fans Reportedly Stabbed During UFC 169, Sustaining Non-LIfe Threatening Injuries

February 2, 2014

UFC 169 Barao vs Faber Poster-Gray Graphic-478x270While UFC president Dana White was unhappy with some of the performances in the Octagon at UFC 169 on Saturday night with 10 of the 12 bout results landing in the hands of the judges, he surely was even more disappointed to hear that two fans were attacked.

A report by confirmed with Newark police that two victims suffered non-life threatening injuries after they were stabbed in the stands during the event. A suspect was arrested, but police did not identify the assailant.

The Newark Police Department did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

A UFC official told, “We are aware of an incident that occurred and was diffused by venue security and local police,” but had no further comment on the incident.

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