TUF Nations – Canada vs. Australia Week 6 Notes: The Most Dominating Performance Thus Far

February 19, 2014

TUF Nations LogoThis week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia featured middleweight action. Team Canada’s Sheldon Westcott faced Team Australia’s Dan Kelly, and the fight ended in the most dominating performance of the season thus far.

Fighters Lobby for Next Opponents

As the elimination round draws toward a close, fighters that have advanced are lobbying for the opponents they want to face in the next round.

Team Canada’s Chad Laprise wrote up a fight contract to face Team Australia’s Richard Walsh next.

“I would like to fight Richard Walsh in the semifinals. He beat my teammate Matt Desroches, and it’s a great revenge fight for Matt and it’s a great match-up for me,” said Laprise. “I have the contract right here.”

“Chad tried to sign a contract with me on the fridge. For me, Kajan (Johnson) would be a good match-up for me to move forward. Just adding to that is his lack of respect and the fact that he’s pissing everyone off,” said Walsh. “I think Chad’s a better fight for the final.”

“I’d love to fight him,” said Johnson. “That’s the best case scenario for me fight now is to get a fight with Rich. “

The Fight: Dan Kelly vs. Sheldon Westcott

Westcott came out aggressive and took the fight to the three-time Olympic Judoka. He landed a right hand and pressed the action. Westcott took Kelly down. Kelly got back to his feet only to be slammed back to the canvas. Westcott applied a head and arm choke and forced Kelly to tap out. The duration of the fight was less than a minute.

“That was embarrassing,” said Kelly on the stool following the fight.

“It was a very big deal for my family, for my business, so I’m pretty upset,” said the emotional Kelly. “I love fighting, but I have to wait and see with the deal with the knee is. If it’s the ACL ligament than that’s a nine-month to 12 month lay off. I have to start thinking about I’m not a young buck anymore. I’m 36. But if it’s okay, than I’ll keep going, provided that my wife lets me.”

Kelly was taken to the hospital to have his knee evaluated.

“This win for me is the biggest win of my career,” said Westcott. “You don’t stop when you’re tired. You don’t stop when you’re hurt. You stop when the job is done and that’s how I was raised.”

Fight Announcement

Team Canada regained matchmaking control with Westcott’s win. The last welterweight elimination round fight will be Team Australia’s Jake Matthews against Team Canada’s Olivier Aubin-Mercier.

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