TUF Nations – Canada vs. Australia Week 3 Notes: A Trend is Emerging

January 29, 2014

TUF Nations LogoTeam Canada has eliminated two Team Australia members in the first two fights.  In this week’s episode, Team Australia hunts for their first win while a guest coach causes controversy.

A Traitor in the Midst?

Team Australia brought in Canadian strength and conditioning coach Jon Chaimberg, and that didn’t sit well with Team Canada.  Chaimberg works with Team Australia head coach Kyle Noke, but also works with members of Team Canada.

“I have two guys on my team who train with him,” said Team Canada coach Patrick Cote.  “The problem with Chaimberg is he’s thinking about himself.  He’s full of himself.  We’ll see if that was a bad career move for him, but actually he’s so full of himself that I think he doesn’t care.”

“I actually train with Chad Laprise and Nordine Taleb on the other team.  It’s a bit weird, but I told Kyle that I would help him out and that’s what I’m here to do,” said Chaimberg.

As Team Australia was leaving the training facility and Team Canada showing up, the Canadian fighters noticed Chaimberg helping out the opposing team.

“Look at this traitor.  Look at this (expletive) traitor here,” said Team Canada’s Kajan Johnson.  “If I coached four guys on this team, I would not go coach this (other) team.”

“He came to get his air time, and he got it.  I hope he’s happy about it,” said Coach Cote.

The Fight: Chad Laprise vs. Chris Indich

The fight played out as a striking battle, and Laprise proved to be the faster and more technical fighter.  He beat Indich to the punch and used his head movement and footwork to avoid damage.  He delivered leg kicks and landed his jab repeatedly.

By the end of the second round, Indich was bloodied and beaten, but showed his toughness by continuing to move forward.  It came down to Laprise being more accurate.  After two rounds, the judges scored Laprise the winner by unanimous decision.

“He’s super tough.  I have all the respect in the world to Chris.  He clipped me with a couple of clean shots too.  Great guy,” said Laprice in victory.

“I guess I put it out there on the line.  I don’t think I landed enough punches.  I didn’t get enough head movement in.  Maybe if I moved my head a bit more and avoided a few more jabs and came in and got him then he might have some stitches too,” said an emotional Indich following the fight.  “I’ll be good.  I’ll be okay.  He’s a tough competitor and good luck to him in the competition.”

Fight Announcement

Team Canada retained matchmaking control with the win.  The middleweights will fight next, and Team Canada selected Nordine Taleb to go up against Team Australia’s Tyler Manawaroa.

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