TUF Live TV Ratings Settle-In Through 9 Episodes

TUF Live LogoThe latest ratings are in for The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX. Episode 9 of the series drew an average audience of 954,000 viewers, according to industry sources.

The show seems to have nestled in just below the one-million-viewer mark, hitting at or below that number for the past five weeks.

The ratings for the reality show’s first season on FX have not been what UFC president Dana White had hoped when they transitioned over form Spike TV, although he has maintained that Fox officials have been pleased with the results.

“For me, I want to pull 3 million viewers on FX. We’re No. 1 on Friday nights every week, which they’ve never had,” said White recently. “It’s a home run for them, but it’s not necessarily a home run for me.”

That’s not to say that the UFC is going into disaster mode. Although White did indicate that there will be more changes forthcoming.

“People keep asking me about The Comeback. It was a great season, and the craziest part of that whole season is Matt Serra wins it and actually wins the title. It was crazy,” he said last week, referring to Season 4 of the series when UFC veterans returned to fight for a shot at a title.

“We’re looking to do a lot of different stuff now with The Ultimate Fighter Live and that would be a fun one.”

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