TUF Live Finale Play-by-Play: Jake Ellenberger vs. Martin Kampmann

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Jake Ellenberger vs. Martin Kampmann

Round 1: Ellenberger comes out gunning and drops Kampmann with a left hook. He drops down and starts unloading a barrage of punches from Kampmann’s guard. Kampmann finally stops the barrage, holding tight to Ellenberger, who has him pressed against the cage. Ellenberger is keeping Kampmann tied up against the fence, but by the same token, Kampmann is continuously trying to snake his arm in for a guillotine choke. Ellenberger slips his head out, but that allows Kampmann to regain his feet. They trade a few blows, pinned up against the fence in a standing position. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Ellenberger.

Round 2: Kampmann catches Ellenberger with a right cross, follows up with another, staggering him. But Ellenberger returns fire, rocking Kampmann with a flurry of punches, bloodying the Dane’s face. Kampmann staggers Ellenberger with a right hand to the head, then moves in and unleashes several knees from the Thai clinch, putting Ellenberger down and out with a knee to the chin.

Martin Kampmann def. Jake Ellenberger by KO (Knees) at 1:40, R2

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