TUF Live Finale Play-by-Play: Cristiano Marcello vs. Sam Sicilia

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Cristiano Marcello vs. Sam Sicilia

Round 1: Sicilia swinging early, but not landing cleanly. He moves in an Marcello, who tries to drop for a takedown, but Sicilia defends well. They trade a few wild blows, and Sicilia lands the big right overhand right. Marcello keeps moves, trying to stay away from Sicilia’s power, but he’s frequently leaving his chin up and exposed. Marcello backpedals and eats a kick to the body. Sicilia catches a Marcello kick and dumps him, but lets him right back up. Sicilia moves in again, but eats a good punch combination by Marcello. Sicilia, however, keeps headhunting, landing a couple glancing shots before the end of the round. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Sicilia.

Round 2: Marcello lands a kick early on and follows with a nice punch combination that seemed to hurt Sicilia. Marcello drops for the takedown, but Sicilia defends and then comes back landing the big right hand. Marcello answers and it becomes a slugfest, trading bombs, both fighters primarily landing one-off shots. Marcello is being much more aggressive in the first half of this round, but eats some big shots from Sicilia, who puts Marcello on the mat with a big knee to the chin and then finishes him off by dropping down jackhammer right hands.

Sam Sicilia def. Cristiano Marcello by TKO (Strikes) at 2:53, R2

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