TUF 8: Guess Who Bought The Itching Powder

The eighth season of the “Ultimate Fighter” is under full swing now and the members of both teams are starting to pull pranks on each other, seemingly at a moment’s notice.

But have you ever wondered who brought Krzysztof Soszynski the itching powder that literally got under everyone’s skin on Team Nogueira?

Well funny enough it’s the producers of the show who are more than happy to fill the grocery list of the fighters in the house with not only food, but any other material that the housemates request while spending their 6 weeks together.

“You have a little list for our food and what not and he asked for itching powder and they brought it to him,” TUF 8 fighter Ryan Bader told MMAWeekly Radio recently. “Obviously, you know Spike wants to see some drama and they figure there might be some drama after that so they gave it to him.”

There are a few restrictions however, but not many for what will surely turn into good television.

“Anything that’s not too expensive and that’s maybe going to start some drama and be good for TV, they’ll definitely have that in there,” Bader commented.

The same can be said for alcohol and other things the fighters request so long as it doesn’t endanger anyone, but as Bader explained there was a reason why his teammates were so annoyed by the itching powder used in last week’s episode.

“That itching powder’s actually like little cactus and it’s also fiberglass mixed in with it, like little tiny strips of fiberglass,” Bader disclosed. “So you think itching powder, it can’t be that bad, but it’s not really powder, it’s like little shards of fiberglass.”