by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Hawaii native and B.J. Penn student, Shane Nelson, learned the hard way on the latest episode of the “Ultimate Fighter” what it means to be “that guy.” The guy who drinks a little bit too much or causes trouble in the house because according to Nelson he was convinced after a drunken night of debauchery, he was headed home.

“When Dana came there and didn’t kick us off I was thinking ‘alright he gave us a second chance’, there’s no way I’m going to blow this second chance again,” Nelson commented in an interview with MMAWeekly.com. “As you could see on the show, the next day after our butts get saved and we get to stay in the house, (Junie) is picking a fight with Efrain again.”

The original person to pick a fight with Efrain Escudero was Nelson, who says the altercation somewhat stemmed from the two fighters rooting on their personal favorites while the housemates watched a UFC pay-per-view on television.

“We were watching the pay-per-view and we got to have a few drinks,” Nelson said. “I think actually how it started, how Efrain became the target was, everybody knows I’m from B.J.’s (Penn) school and he was cheering for Sean Sherk, I was cheering for B.J. and that’s how he kind of got targeted. He kind of rubbed me the wrong way.”

Nelson proceeded to go after Efrain both verbally and physically, but he didn’t let the Hawaiian get the best of him and cooler heads prevailed and Nelson is thankful for that.

“I’m definitely happy for one that I didn’t get kicked out and for two that Efrain didn’t let my provoking get under his skin, and we end up getting into a fight and we both of us get kicked off,” stated Nelson. “Efrain’s a cool guy and besides that one night we never had any problems.”

Of course the focus the rest of that particular drunken night of insanity fell squarely on the shoulders of Kentucky native, Junie Browning, who Nelson credits for somewhat saving him from being the real focus of the episode.

“I’ve got to thank Junie for that. If it wasn’t for Junie’s massive tirade, all that segment would have been on my little situation that went on,” Nelson commented. “So he took away all that attention of me being drunk and acting a fool and took that spot right from me. When Junie drinks he turns into someone different, when he’s sober he has a lot of demons in him I want to say or a lot of personal problems and when he drinks it multiplies by a thousand.”

After the night of drinking in the house and Dana White’s conversation with the cast, Nelson was picked to fight next and he faced off against Efrain Escudero in an elimination match in the lightweight division.

While Nelson definitely held his own throughout the fight, the end came when Escudero locked on a triangle choke and he was able to submit his opponent.

Looking back now, Nelson says that the fight was a blessing as much as it was a curse.

“That fight was probably the best and worst thing that happened to me at the same time in my life,” said Nelson. “Obviously that’s the first time I’ve ever been finished in a fight, and it made me a lot hungrier to work on certain things in my game and just get better. At the same time the worst thing is that I was eliminated from the competition and that contract was taken from my hands.”

More focused than ever, Nelson is back in Hawaii training with lightweight champion, B.J. Penn, and ready to get a second shot in the Octagon.

“That fight didn’t show my true potential and hopefully the UFC gives me a shot to redeem myself and show my true potential and right now I’m just training my ass off hopefully I’ll get another shot.”