by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Season 4 of the Ultimate Fighter is starting to go full steam ahead as the UFC pushes previous fighters who left after losses or just didn’t return until now, coming back and fighting for a chance at a title shot in either the middleweight or welterweight divisions. Last week showcased a 170lb match-up when the always entertaining “Mr. International” Shonie Carter defeated Rich Clementi by decision. After the fight was over Shonie looked happy with his success and thanked his teammates for their support, especially Matt Serra, who seemed to take it upon himself to corner Carter to victory.

Clementi left dispelled after his loss but Dana White announced that instead of sending fighters home after being defeated they would still get to live in the house and help their teammates train and also be there just in case an injury occurred and someone had to step in as a replacement as has happened in almost every previous season.

So with the fight control in their hands, Team Mojo got together at the house and discussed the breakdown of how they believed the remainder of the fights should go, setting up potential match-ups, and the order in which each fighter will take his turn. As Shonie Carter slept, his teammates discovered his journal that he was constantly seen writing in and they noticed that he had jotted down all of the fights they had just been talking about in detailed format. Hoping to keep the other team in the dark, they decided it was best to keep the journal in a safer place so as not to be read.

Prior to the fight announcement, Team No Love member Charles McCarthy seemed to be sweating the decision if he would be fighting or not, and pressed the other team to divulge some information to him about the next match-up. Instead of giving him the information, the team laughed and sent him packing upstairs, left to wonder if he’d have to cut weight and get ready to fight in just a couple of days.

At training, the teams are in charge of their own regimens and instead of taking advantage of the time to prepare, Team No Love decided instead to sleep at the UFC facility, while Team Mojo went full on with the trainers, preparing for the fight announcement and keeping sharp for the coming weeks ahead.

Shonie Carter stepped out to announce the fight in the middleweight division and with his usual flare decided to sing about who the bout would match up. After calling out Charles McCarthy, who looked quite nervous, Shonie then chimed in that it was not him and instead called out his teammate, Gideon Ray to take on Team Mojo’s Edwin Dewees.

Both fighters had their previous appearances in the UFC showcased, with highlights featuring Gideon Ray’s losses to David Loiseau and Mike Swick, while Edwin Dewees reel showed his defeats by Rich Franklin and Chris Leben. With both fighters sporting 0-2 records, this show gave them both an opportunity to prove they belong with the top fighters in the UFC.

As the fight began, both men circled and landed a few light strikes and eventually Dewees took the fight to the ground just as everyone expected where he proceeded to go for some ground and pound and also worked for some solid submission attempts. Overall the first round was somewhat back and forth but Dewees controlled the ground game and looked much crisper in his submission attempts. The 2nd round looked similar until somehow Ray caught Dewees while holding him in his guard and a huge cut opened just above Dewees’ hairline. The blood came pouring out of Dewees’ head, spilling all over the canvas, his face and his opponent.

Referee Herb Dean stopped the fight to have the doctors check the cut and in a very surprising move, despite heavy blood flow, the fight was allowed to continue and while Dewees eventually was reversed while on the ground, he did maintain his composure and really didn’t let the cut affect his performance. As the round closed, the cornermen for both fighters prepared for a possible third round and sure enough when Dana White made the announcement, it was a final sudden victory round that would decide the bout.

Dewees quickly took the fight to the ground but again Herb Dean had to step in at one point to have the cage side doctor check the cut on his forehead but again the bout was allowed to continue. Dewees controlled pretty much all parts of the third and deciding round while his blood splattered the Octagon floor throughout the five minutes. After it was all said and done, the judges scored the final round for Edwin Dewees and with that Team Mojo retained control for another week, this time with the welterweights up for elimination.

Dewees showed great heart and perseverance working through the better part of two rounds with blood gushing out of his head, but at no point looked panicked, controlled the fight and ended up with a victory that places him in the semi-finals.