TUF 20 Episode 6 Notes: TKO Advances Fighter to Quarter-Finals

October 29, 2014

Team Pettis’ Aisling Daly, fighting out of Ireland, has trouble adjusting to the Las Vegas heat leading up to her preliminary-round match up against Angela Magana in the sixth episode of The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned.

Aisling Daly Has Trouble Adjusting to the Las Vegas Heat

“So Aisling is from Ireland. The climate is a little different here in Las Vegas than it is in Ireland, and she’s been dealing with it. It’s been tough on her,” said UFC president Dana White. “It’s been really dry. It’s been hot. She’s been freaking out a little bit.”

Daly sat out the Team’s workout because she had been nauseous the night before due to the heat.

“One of the biggest things that I’m really, really struggling with is the heat out here,” said Team Pettis’ Daly. “It’s really just zapping my energy. I feel like I’m going around like a zombie the whole time.”

“I’m not used to this Vegas heat at all,” she added. “Even the heat in the gym, it’s like trying to train in the sauna.”

White met with Daly to make sure she was okay. She assured him that she wanted to be there and requested to be able to watch UFC Fight Night 46 live from the fighter house. The event took place in her native Ireland and featured several of her training partners. White granted her the request and watching her teammates win lifted Daly’s spirits.

“It came at a time when I really needed it,” said Daly about being able to watch the Dublin event. “It picked me up. It’s been hard adjusting to things in the house. UFC Dublin just had me buzzing. I can’t wait to fight.”

The Fight: Angela Magana vs. Aisling Daly

Daly quickly came across the cage and Magana tied her up and secured a takedown early in the opening round.  She transitioned and took Daly’s back.  Daly defended several rear-naked choke submission attempts.  She worked to stand and escape out the backdoor, but Magana stayed on her back and looked to isolate an arm.  While in that position, the referee strangely decided to stand them up.  They battled inside the clinch position before Mgana secured another takedown in the closing seconds of the round.

Daly pressed the action in the second frame.  She moved forward and landed combination backing Magana up.  She muscled Magana around in the clinch delivering knees to the body.  She stuffed the takedown attempts.  Midway through the round, she took Magana down.  Magana worked her way back to her feet only to be put back on the canvas.  Daly landed punches to the body and head from the top position.  The round ended with Daly taking Magana’s back and working to lock up a rear-naked choke.  After two rounds, it was all even.  It would take a third to settle it.

The two meet in the middle of the cage and exchanged to start the final frame.  Magana landed a high kick, but Daly walked through it and continued to press forward.  Magana initiated the clinch, but Daly secured a takedown from the position.  She took her Team Melendez opponent’s back, flattened her out and landed unanswered punches until the referee stepped in to stop the fight.  Team Melendez is sweeping the tournament thus far with six consecutive wins.

“I feel amazing.  That was a great fight.  I really enjoyed myself out there,” said Daly follow the win.  “I made it 6-0 for Team Pettis, so it was a great day all around.”

Magana didn’t take anything away from Daly’s performance but found it difficult to accept the loss.  She focused on the referee stand up in the first round.

“I don’t understand what I did to get stood up.  It doesn’t make any sense to me.  It’s crazy,” said Magana.  “I’m not taking anything from Aisling, but I didn’t get to do what I do best, and that’s armbars.  I was literally one step away from trying to submit her.  I don’t see how you can stand someone up when they’re on someone’s back.  It makes absolutely no sense.”

Fight Announcement

Team Pettis maintained matchmaking control with Daly’s win. Coach Anthony Pettis called on his fourth pick, No. 7 seeded Rose Namajunas, to take on No. 10 ranked Alex Chambers of Team Melendez.

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