TUF 19 Week 7 Notes: Fighters React to Last Week’s Bizarre Decision

May 28, 2014

TUF 19The seventh Episode of The Ultimate Fighter 19: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn featured the third light heavyweight team elimination-round bout, and the fighters reacted to last week’s unprecedented judging system.

Fighters React to Roger Zapata’s Bizarre Decision Win

“I just couldn’t believe afterwards he celebrated like he had won,” said Ian Stephens about the decision loss.

“The mood in the house is definitely very tense because these guys are walking around the house celebrating like they got a victory,” said Team Edgar’s Eddie Gordon.

“Team Edgar didn’t seem very happy about the decision. I mean, I can understand to come degree. But when it comes down to a fight, who is the one that got cut up and had to go to the hospital? I know it wasn’t Roger,” said Team Penn’s Daniel Spohn.

“It was really pathetic. Ian clearly won the first and second round. There shouldn’t be a third round at all,” commented Team Edgar’s Dhiego Lima. “They’re clowns. They’re just stupid. All of them knew they lost. And they want to scream over there, yelling. The blue team needs to grow some balls man. It’s like, have some respect.”

“There won’t be one person in this (expletive) world that watches that fight and says he won. Not one person,” said Team Edgar’s Matt Van Buren.

The Fight: Anton Berzin vs. Patrick Walsh

After last week’s decision, both fighters were hoping to finish and leave it out of the hands of the judges. The opening round was competitive with each securing takedowns and having their moments on their feet. It was back-and-forth, but neither had the other in any danger.

As the fight wore on, Berzin began to fade. It was the first time he had ever been out of the first round in his career. Walsh kept the pressure on. He caught a kick and took Berzin down and spent the final three minutes of the round landing punches to the body and head. The judges scored it a draw after two rounds, so they went to a third, “sudden victory” round.

Berzin’s output slowed to a trickle in the final frame. Walsh quickly and easily secured an early takedown. He spent the entire round pounding away from top position, clearly winning the round. The judges scored the fight for Walsh by unanimous decision.

“Not moving on sucks, and not getting to the semifinals and finals,” said Berzin following the loss.  “I gassed out.  That’s what happens when you’ve never been out of the first round.”

“It’s a surreal experience.  Being in the house is one thing.  Being fortunate enough to experience everything, and then going in there and actually getting a few wins.  I’m on top of the world right now,” said Walsh following the win.

Fight Announcement

Team Edgar regained matchmaking control with the win.  Coach Frankie Edgar selected Eddie Gordon to take on Team Penn’s Mike King in the final middleweight elimination-round bout.

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