TUF 19: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn Week 5 Notes: Clash of Styles Decided by Majority Decision

May 14, 2014

TUF 19The fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter 19: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn featured the second team light heavyweight match-up while Team Penn wonders if their fighters are overtraining themselves.

Team Penn Rests

During last week’s episode, Team Penn’s Tim Williams faded in the final round of his fight with Team Edgar’s Dhiego Lima.  Williams is know for his conditioning.  He’s one of the more well-conditioned fighters on the show.  Along with the regular team training sessions, Williams goes on long runs and does push-ups and sit-ups in the morning.  Coach BJ Penn was concerned that Williams over did it.

“Timmy, we all know he’s one of our best guys.  I hate for him to be the example today.  But this is a good chance for everybody to look at the training itself and realize it’s really a balance thing.  The best word I can use is recipe.  Everybody’s recipe is going to be a little bit different,” said Coach Penn to his team.  “You’ve got to find these balances.  Timmy is the best conditioned athlete on our team and he could only go five minutes yesterday.”

“It’s not because he’s not in shape.  All these guys are doing is training.  It’s that they’re not resting.  The problem is when the guys go home they’ll go running.  They’ll do a bunch of stuff.  They’ll go swimming, wrestling and jiu-jitsu.  We don’t know what they’re doing.  It’s got to stop because it all adds up,” added the former two-division UFC champion.

Penn gave his team a few days off.

The Fight: Corey Anderson vs. Josh Clark

It was a match-up of differing styles.  Anderson comes from a wrestling background while Clark used to be a professional boxer.

Anderson wasted little time before trying to get the fight to the ground.  He secured an early takedown, but let Clark back to his feet.  Clark used his boxing ability to land his jab and right hands.  Anderson decided to get the fight back to the canvas and he did.  He slammed Clark to the ground midway through the round and landed right hands.  Clark isolated a leg and used the position to get back to his feet.  After catching a knee, Anderson took Clark down again in the closing moments securing him the round.

Clark came out a little more aggressive in the second frame, landing a hard outside leg kick to start the round.  He tried to time Anderson closing the distance, but Anderson quickly got the fight to the canvas.  Clark’s lack of takedown defense would prove to be his undoing.  Clark was unable to get to his feet, but was fortunate enough to get a referee stand up.  “The Hillbilly Heart Throb” landed a right hand and was letting his strikes go when he slipped after landing a leg kick.  Anderson seized the opportunity and pounced on him.  Clark spent the remaining two minutes on his back absorbing right hands from Anderson.  The fight ended with Anderson landing punches from the mount position.

Two judges scored the fight 20-18 for Anderson while the third had it 19-19 resulting in a majority decision win for Anderson.

“It felt good.  I should have did better.  I was a little disappointed in my performance in the first round,” said Anderson after advancing to the next round of the light heavyweight bracket.  “I’m not here to just be here.  I’m here to be The Ultimate Fighter.  I’m supposed to fight in the finals in the finale.  That’s the goal.”

“The toughest part about taking this loss is just I’ve worked so hard to get here.  I just didn’t achieve my goals.  I wanted to win it all.  It’s disappointing.  But at the same time man, he deserves it.  He’s a good fighter,” said Clark after the loss.

Fight Announcement

With the win, Team Edgar maintained matchmaking control and tied up the team competition at two wins each.  Coach Frankie Edgar selected Ian Stephens to face Team Penn’s Roger Zapata in the third middleweight bout of the season.

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