TUF 18 Finale Play-by-Play: Gray Maynard vs. Nate Diaz

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Gray Maynard vs. Nate Diaz

Round 1: No touch of gloves in this one.  Maynard takes the center of the cage.  Diaz lands a jab.  Maynard pushes forward with a left hand.  Diaz lands a right hand.  Maynard secures a single leg takedown.  Maynard moves Diaz to the fence.  Diaz stands and tosses Maynard to the canvas.  Maynard gets back to his feet and they separate.  Maynard lands an outside leg kick.  Diaz lands a stiff left that knocks Maynard down.  Diaz unloads shots.  He lands combinations and more combinations.  Maynard is out on his feet.  Diaz continues to land.  The referee steps in and stops it.  As he does, Maynard stumbles and falls to the canvas.

The official time of the stoppage was 2:38 of the opening round.


Gray Maynard

Nate Diaz
“I could tell he was out but he wouldn’t drop.  I gotta keep throwing to drop these fools.  Maybe the ref should’ve stopped it earlier, I don’t know.  I planned my victory speech for three months.  I knew exactly what I was going to say.  I think I got my crew some fights.  These are my boys and are there for me always.  We represented tonight.”


Scorecard Maynard vs. Diaz

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