TUF 18 Finale Play-by-Play: Chris Holdsworth vs. Davey Grant

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Chris Holdsworth vs. Davey Grant

Round 1: The fighters touch gloves.  Grant lands first with an outside leg kick.  Holdsworth misses with a right hand and ties Grant up.  Grant backs up a step and lands a combination.  Holdsworth lands a straight right hand that wobbles Grant.  Holdsworth closes the distance and presses Grant against the cage.  They exchange knees to the body.  Grant turns Holdsworth and they separate.  Grant lands a right hand.  Holdsworth lands his jab.  He misses with a high kick.  They clinch and Holdsworth works to get the fight to the ground.  Grant defends the takedown attempt and they separate.  Grant moves in with a right hand.  Holdsworth ties him up and lands knees to Grant’s thigh.  Grant drags Holdsworth to the ground but Holdsworth gains top position.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Holdsworth.

Round 2: Holdsworth takes the center of the cage.  He moves forward.  He lands a high kick.  Grant answers with a hard leg kick.  Grant delivers a punch to the body.  Holdsworh works to get the fight to the ground.  Grant looks for a guillotine but doesn’t get it and Holdsworth gains top position on the ground.  He lands short punches inside Grant’s half guard.  Holdsworth transitions and takes Grant’s back.  He applies a body triangle.  He works for a rear naked choke.  He tightens it down and Grant is forced to tap out.  Chris Holdsworth wins The Ultimate Fighter 18 by submission.

The official time of the submission was 2:10 of the second round.


Chris Holdsworth
“If you chase your dreams they will come true.  Davey’s a family man and a role model but tonight was my night.  Im ecstatic to be the winner and honored to have fought someone as tough as Davey.  I knew he’d come forward with wide left hooksbut I kept my distance.  Then in the second round I took him down, got his back and sunk in that rear naked choke.  Im a big fan of visualization and I kept envisioning my hand raised after getting a choke and that’s exactly how it played out.  Like Burt Watson told us yesterday, its harder to stay here than get here so my work is just beginning. “

David Grant
“I was so close.  Im devastated.”



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