TUF 16 Finale Play-by-Play: Pat Barry vs. Shane Del Rosario

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Pat Barry vs. Shane Del Rosario

Pat Barry vs Shane Del Rosario TUF 16 FinaleRound 1:  They touch gloves.  Del Rosario delivers a kick to the body.  Barry answers with a leg kick.  Del Rosario clinches.  He lands a knee to the body.  He presses Barry against the cage where he knees Barry’s thighs and midsection.  They Pat Barry TUF 16 Finalework for position against the fence.  Del Rosario lands more knees to the body of Barry.  Barry pushed him away and they separate.  Del Rosario lands an outside leg kick.  Barry lands an inside leg kick.  Del Rosario goes or a takedown and gets a single leg.  He takes Barry’s back.  He applies a rear naked choke.  Barry defends the submission attempt.  Del Rosario isolates an arm.  Del Rosario transitions and takes Barry’s back.  He softens Barry up with punches to the head and body.  Del Rosario looks for an arm bar.  Barry gains top position.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round  10-9 for Del Rosario.

Round 2:  They meet at the center of the cage.  Barry lands a left hand that hurts Del Rosario.  Barry swarms him with punches.  Del Rosario crumbles to the canvas after a thunderous right hand. Barry wins by knockout.

The official time of the knockout was 22 seconds of the second round.

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