TUF 14 Finale Results: Johnny Bedford Brutalizes Louis Gaudinot

December 3, 2011

Johnny Bedford certainly lived up to his nickname at the TUF 14 finale.

Known as ‘Brutal Bedford’, the former Team Mayhem fighter absolutely punished and simply brutalized Louis Gaudinot before finally putting him away with strikes in the third round.

A huge bantamweight, Bedford was one of the biggest competitors on the 14th season of the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ and he used his size to his advantage facing Gaudinot, who is legitimately a 125lb fighter disguised as a bantamweight.

Bedford took Gaudinot down in both the first and second rounds and fluidly moved to mount where he looked to punish his green haired opponent with elbows and punches.

Each time, Gaudinot was able to survive and scramble back to half guard or block enough of Bedford’s shots to keep from being busted up or stopped, but could mount no offense of his own.

In the final frame, Bedford pushed Gaudinot against the cage and just unloaded with a Rocky Balboa style attack to the body. Each rib crunching shot worst than the last, and Bedford admitted after the bout that it’s something he’s famous for doing in the gym, but not necessarily in his fights.

“I’m known in the gym for going to the body. I don’t get to get to use it too much in my fights, I don’t know why,” Bedford said.

The body shots continued until Bedford grabbed Gaudinot’s head and brought it down where it was met by his awaiting knee. Gaudinot finally dropped to the mat where Bedford unloaded a barrage of knees to the body and more strikes.

Referee Steve Mazzagatti seemed very slow to finally step in and stop the attack, but he finally did, mercifully stopping Bedford from punishing Gaudinot.

After the fight, a victorious Bedford was happy with his performance, but quickly harkened back to the bout that kept him from competing in tonight’s bantamweight final.

“I’m ecstatic right now. I went to that show with one goal in mind and that was to fight for the finale tonight. I came up short, (John) Dodson got me with a good shot. I’m just fortunate and blessed to have another opportunity in the UFC. Hopefully, Joe Silva or Dana White or somebody will give me a shot after T.J. (Dillashaw) mops the mat with Dodson tonight. I want one more go,” Bedford said.

Dodson knocked Bedford out in the semifinals of the bantamweight tournament to move onto Saturday night’s final against T.J. Dillashaw. It remains to be seen if Bedford will get that opportunity down the road to avenge the loss.

For tonight however, Bedford can at least celebrate his first official UFC win.

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